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Louise Southall on Late Payments and Optimism in the Small Business Sector

Louise Southall, Economist and Small Business Specialist at Xero, highlighted key insights from the latest Xero Small Business Insights report, in her latest interview. The report indicates a challenging quarter for Canadian small businesses, particularly concerning late payments and the time taken to get paid. Average payment time increased to 29.4 days, with businesses being paid over a week late on average. While there was still a decline in small business sales (-3.8% year-over-year), this was an improvement from the previous quarter’s -4.3%, suggesting the decline may be leveling off.
Louise Southall on Late Payments and Optimism in the Small Business Sector

Indigenous-SME Business Magazine

Business Woman of the Month: Tanis ‘Akutuq’ Simpson

Can an artist disrupt an entire handicraft industry? Every Indigenous artist accomplishes crucial work, from representing their traditions to advocating for the equal rights of their communities. But there’s one artist cum woman entrepreneur who has emerged to highlight Indigenous traditions and transform the Canadian fibre industry: Tanis ‘Akutuq) Simpson, an Inuvialuk woman entrepreneur and owner of Qiviut Inc.
Fibre Mill in Alberta The Indigenous-SME Magazine has named Tanis as the Business Woman of the Month in this month’s magazine edition to honour her work and efforts to bring an important Inuit technology to the mainstream.
Business Woman of the Month: Tanis 'Akutuq' Simpson

Indigenous Women Entrepreneurship

Fostering Economic Development in Indigenous Communities

In his interview with Indigenous-SME Business Magazine, Cadmus Delorme, CEO & Founder of OneHoop, described how his leadership as Chief of Cowessess First Nation focused on fostering economic self-sustainability through renewable energy, agriculture, and land efficiency initiatives. Cadmus explained that First Nations in Canada are not just stakeholders but rights holders, with reconciliation involving both quasi-jurisdiction and economic empowerment.
During his tenure as Chief, Cadmus emphasized the need for cultural rejuvenation and political sovereignty alongside economic growth, ensuring that the First Nation’s business development considered future generations while maintaining pride in Indigenous heritage.
Fostering Economic Development in Indigenous Communities

Indigenous Business

Bringing Inuit Healing Traditions to Skincare

In her interview with Indigenous-SME Business Magazine, Bernice Kuutuu Clarke, founder of Uasau Soap Inc., revealed that the company’s inception was rooted in her personal battle with dry skin and the need for effective traditional Inuit healing remedies. This need led Bernice to connect with Meeka Mike, an Inuk woman from Pangnirtung, who shared her family’s traditional soap-making methods.
These traditions, coupled with Bernice’s drive to create culturally resonant skincare solutions, laid the foundation for Uasau Soap Inc., transforming it into a business that not only addresses skincare needs but also honors and preserves Inuit healing practices.
Bringing Inuit Healing Traditions to Skincare

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Carol Anne Hilton

Founder & CEO of The Indigenomics Institute
Carol Anne Hilton, MBA is the CEO and founder of the Indigenomics Institute and the Global Center of Indigenomics. Carol Anne is a dynamic national Indigenous business leader, author, speaker and senior adviser with an international Masters Degree in Business Management (MBA) from the University of Hertfordshire, England.

Building a Future with Indigenous Values in Business: The Journey of Kaeden Merasty

In this episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we were honored to welcome Kaeden Merasty, Founder and CEO of The Indigenous Marketing Company (IMC) and a proud member of Flying Dust First Nation. A visionary leader with a background in marketing and international business from the University of Manitoba.

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