Laurie Sterritt: Promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Reconciliation in Executive Search

Laurie Sterritt: Promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Reconciliation in Executive Search
Image Courtesy: Pathways Executive Search

Laurie Sterritt is widely recognized in the executive search industry for her commitment to driving change and promoting inclusivity. Laurie, the Founding CEO and Managing Partner of Pathways Executive Search brings a wealth of experience in Indigenous, government, and community relations to her role, with over three decades of experience in operational and leadership roles in the natural resources and not-for-profit sectors. Laurie is deeply committed to driving economic and social transformation through collaborative partnerships. Her leadership style is focused on promoting diversity, inclusion and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples across the corporate landscape—in Canada and internationally. Discover the remarkable journey and meaningful initiatives led by Laurie Sterritt and her team at Pathways Executive Search. 

Image Courtesy: Pathways Executive Search

Transforming Dreams into Tangible Results

Pathways Executive Search (Pathways) was founded with a clear vision in mind: to create lasting impact on the economy and society via greater inclusion and participation of Indigenous peoples and diverse candidates at the most senior levels of boards, companies, governments, and communities. Laurie Sterritt, along with a dedicated professional team, has consistently transformed this vision into concrete achievements. 

Laurie says, “The Pathways team has consistently paved the way for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion across different sectors and we are proud to say that we’ve placed more than 300 Indigenous and diverse candidates in executive and board positions in the past six years.”

Changing the Face of Leadership

Diversity is more than just a catchphrase at Pathways; it’s a core value that permeates every recruiting process. The firm is widely recognized for its exceptional ability to attract and recruit Indigenous talent, rooted in a deep understanding and appreciation of different cultures. Laurie Sterritt and her team are dedicated to transforming leadership landscapes and advocating for increased Indigenous representation in the highest levels of power and decision-making. 

“Our clients include governments, businesses, community and not-for-profit organizations,” says Laurie. “The Pathways team supports clients to fulfill their varying commitments—whether this is toward reconciliation with Indigenous peoples or creating more equitable and inclusive workplaces, our mission is to nurture diverse perspectives and leadership that mirrors the vibrant fabric of society.”

Image Courtesy: Pathways Executive Search

Collaborating with Communities and Clients Care

Pathways Executive Search is dedicated to establishing trust, cultivating genuine connections, and achieving concrete outcomes. The firm operates with a strong foundation in Indigenous values and principles of inclusion. 

“The Pathways team consistently upholds traditional values and brings respect, integrity and humility, to every project while ensuring that the recruitment process is both professional and culturally sensitive,” adds Laurie. “With a proven track record of successful executive and board placements, the team places a high priority on understanding the distinct needs of both clients and candidates.” 

Clearly, Pathways is dedicated to making a positive impact wherever they operate. This includes reducing fees for Indigenous communities, fostering corporate reconciliation, and nurturing Indigenous and diverse leadership talent. They approach each endeavor with care, diligence, and a genuine desire to bring about meaningful change.

At Pathways, Laurie Sterritt’s leadership embodies a dedication to quality, diversity, and inclusiveness in executive recruiting. Laurie’s visionary approach and unwavering dedication are paving the way for a more equitable and representative future in Corporate Canada and beyond. For more information on Pathways solutions and services, check out their official website here.

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