The Nova Scotia Small Business Guide:

Your Complete Resource for a Flourishing Business in Nova Scotia

This is your indispensable guide to starting, managing, and expanding a small business in Nova Scotia. The CanadianSME Small Business Hub team is dedicated to bringing you essential tools, resources, and insights to assist entrepreneurs in effectively navigating every phase of their business endeavour. The Nova Scotia Small Business Guide provides comprehensive support and business advisory to facilitate the success of businesses in this vibrant province.
Nova Scotia is renowned for its conducive entrepreneurial ecosystem and ample resources. The province extends an appealing prospect for startups and small or medium businesses seeking to capitalize on the opportunities afforded by its multifaceted industries.
Nova Scotia’s economy is diverse and abounds in manifold key sectors like technology, ocean industries, agriculture, fisheries, and tourism which present various business opportunities. The province is also a leader in sustainable energy, creating unique opportunities in this growing field.
As a constituent of Atlantic Canada, Nova Scotia possesses a geographically advantageous position that offers businesses a strategic edge. This helps cater to markets spanning North America, Europe, and other regions.
Nova Scotia prides itself on possessing an exceptionally well-educated workforce. And it is made possible through the presence of prestigious universities and community colleges that offer top-notch education and research programs.
The government of Nova Scotia preemptively fosters a conducive environment for business by implementing a range of incentives, grants, and funding programs. The primary objective of these initiatives is to foster and promote the advancement, creativity, and long-term viability of entrepreneurial endeavours throughout the region.
With its low cost of living and plenty of cultural attractions, warm towns, and stunning scenery, Nova Scotia is a popular choice for anyone seeking a well-rounded but inexpensive way of life. No wonder it is ranked 4th cheapest province in Canada.

Explore the Best Available Resources for

SMBs and StartUps in Nova Scotia

The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce

The Maritime Board of Trade that was established in 1896 became the Atlantic Provinces Chamber of Commerce when Newfoundland and Labrador’s respective chamber joined it in 1974. The official website states that APCC “actively partners with members and other organizations to impact a strong, vibrant and growing Atlantic Canada. It is a catalyst to influence, educate and advocate on policy-related issues that support business, to deliver high-value services and opportunities to our members, and to support and promote initiatives that contribute to sustainable economic growth in the region.” APCC is an advocate for over 16,000 businesses of different scales and sizes and works tirelessly in representing them to the higher-ups in the province.

Canadian Federation of Independent Business

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is another excellent option to turn to when you feel you need some help with your small-scale business in Nova Scotia. Dedicated to helping small firms and entrepreneurs, CFIB is the largest non-profit organization with more than 95,000 members. 

The CFIB plays a vital role in advocating for small-scale businesses, whether with the government or politicians. Additionally, they provide specific business tools and practical resources plus on-call counsellors if you still have a doubt.

Halifax Chamber of Commerce

Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, is probably the most picturesque and vibrant city in Canada. To help thousands of businesses in this city, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce works tirelessly highlighting the various challenges and hardships faced by the business community in this city. It is a non-profit, non-partisan organization with more than 1700 members. Additionally, they are “committed to creating value and prosperity for its members. The Chamber provides the services its members need while advocating for the conditions to enhance private sector growth.”

Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED)

CEED, the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development, has been committed to advancing and supporting the spirit of entrepreneurship for more than 25 years. CEED is committed to delivering innovative programs and services that empower individuals and communities to achieve their full potential.

Invest Nova Scotia

From starting up and raising capital, to incubation and acceleration, export development and investment attraction, Invest Nova Scotia helps businesses seize opportunities. We support the growth and momentum of Nova Scotia businesses of all sizes, and we welcome businesses from elsewhere to join us here.
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