Up the Hill at Loakin Inc: A Journey of Indigenous Wisdom, Sustainable Beauty, and Cultural Bridging

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Located in the peaceful landscapes of traditional Indigenous Secwepemc territory, Up the Hill at Loakin Inc. serves as a symbol of respect for ancestral wisdom, sustainable methods, and the harmonious blend of Indigenous culture and contemporary business. The company, led by CEO and Chief Herbalist June Anthony-Reeves, is the result of a visionary idea. It represents a legacy that has been passed down through generations, creating a collection of skincare products that draw inspiration from nature. The company is dedicated to caring for the planet and its inhabitants.

Paying Tribute to Ancestral Roots

The essence of Up the Hill at Loakin Inc. pulsates in harmony with the rich heritage of its founder. June Anthony-Reeves possesses a deep and profound respect for the land and all that it provides. Her family lineage of skilled herbalists can be traced back to her great-grandmother. June’s journey has been profoundly influenced by the wisdom of her forebears, as well as the rhythm of nature, which she draws inspiration from. 

Image Courtesy: Up the Hill at Loakin

“At Up the Hill at Loakin, we believe in focusing on the positive. Instead of dwelling on what we don’t have, we choose to celebrate what we do have”.

Her mother and great-grandmother have played a significant role in shaping her path. They were scientists even before they understood the definition of the word! June exclaimed, her eyes twinkling with excitement. The practice of wild harvesting traditional Indigenous plant materials has been handed down through generations. Today, this legacy thrives as an enterprise that combines ancient traditions with contemporary sensibilities.

Image Courtesy: Up the Hill at Loakin

Converging Cultures and Sharing Wisdom:

June’s vision extends well beyond skin care. It encompasses a mission to bridge socio-economic gaps and share the rich tapestry of Indigenous knowledge and culture with the world. From a young age, she understood the significance of her heritage in guiding her towards success and fostering mutual understanding. June, the founder of Up the Hill at Loakin Inc., aims to highlight the immense significance of Indigenous herbalist knowledge. 

We’re committed to promoting the sustainability of the eco-system and doing our part to keep Mother Earth healthy. We believe that by working together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future for all.”

“My Mother and Great Grandmother, were scientists before they even knew the meaning of this word.  They knew exactly the herbal medicine would work to help the people. 

Her goal is to emphasize that this knowledge is not only valuable for Indigenous communities but also for the entire human population. The success of the company serves as evidence of the potential for meaningful cultural exchange, where each culture contributes its unique strengths.

Image Courtesy: Up the Hill at Loakin

Company Ethos:

Values that resonate with cultural importance and environmental responsibility are at the heart of Up the Hill at Loakin Inc. The company’s operations are deeply intertwined with Indigenous knowledge and culture. Respect is the guiding force behind every decision, encompassing the land, the plants, the people, and the traditions. Eco-sustainability is more than just a trendy term; it is a tangible commitment that profoundly influences the company’s operations and purpose. The intertwining of these values forms a lively tapestry that honours our heritage and embraces the potential for a more sustainable future.

“At a very early age, June knew she needed to share Indigenous knowledge and culture with the world to help bridge the socio-economic gap for Indigenous people and to shed a positive light on the high level of Indigenous accomplishments in business. She uses her Company to show the incredible value that Indigenous herbalist knowledge can bring to the world to help all people. “

Image Courtesy: Up the Hill at Loakin

Every item sold by Up the Hill at Loakin Inc. has its own backstory, one that involves some combination of timeless knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and cultural exchange. Following in their footsteps, June Anthony-Reeves has built a firm that not only sells items but also unites people by teaching them to value nature, culture, and the delicate skill of living in peace with both.

“Up the Hill at Loakin is being built as a legacy to my family and my community.  We are a family company, my daughter Crystal works with me in the production unit and she will  take over with Company when I retire”. 

Explore the range of various products on the official website of Up the Hill at Loakin Inc. Visit https://www.upthehillatloakin.com/.

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