Pow Wow Pitch Inspires, Empowers, and Uplifts Indigenous Women 

Pow Wow Pitch Inspires, Empowers, and Uplifts Indigenous Women 
Image Courtesy: Pow Wow Pitch

In a profound statement echoing the collective voice of Pow Wow Pitch, the Founder emphasizes the importance of women empowerment. “It’s about more than just inviting women to the table; it’s about empowering them to recognize their own worth and amplify their voices with confidence,” expresses the visionary leader, Sunshine Tenasco. 

Michaelee Lazore, an Indigenous business owner and esteemed Pow Wow Pitch Alumni turned Board Director, reflects on the transformative journey. “Pow Wow Pitch is an exemplary organization that not only supports entrepreneurs; it’s a family where Indigenous women are celebrated for their strength and resilience across the entrepreneur ecosystem, ” she shares passionately. 

The first and newly appointed Executive Director, Naomi Sarazin, reflects on how inclusivity in organizations is vital to fostering equity in the world; it’s about making a commitment to embracing the unique strengths of every woman. “To all women: I see you! Each of you have gifts to be shared, and together we can lead with our strengths to make a collective difference. Let’s build a legacy where every woman feels valued and uplifted,” this is Naomi’s unwavering dedication as a leader in Indigenous entrepreneurship. 

Keely Thompson-Cook, a Mohawk woman from Akwesasne, ON, finding her footing through Pow Wow Pitch, adds a personal touch. “My first employment opportunity after completing university was with Pow Wow Pitch; it has been a transformative experience that instilled in me a sense of pride and purpose as an Indigenous woman,” she reflects with gratitude, “and I want all women to see the positive impact of their unique strengths.” 

Brett Burrow, an ally committed to the mission of Pow Wow Pitch, emphasizes the importance of collaboration and fostering meaningful relationships. “Working at Pow Wow Pitch has taught me the significance of allyship in fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. Together with our partners, we amplify the voices of Indigenous women,” Brett affirms, highlighting the partnerships that fuel women’s empowerment at Pow Wow Pitch.

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