Anne Harding: Pioneering Indigenous Relations through Forum Community Relations Inc.

Anne Harding: Pioneering Indigenous Relations through Forum Community Relations Inc.
Image Courtesy: Forum Community Relations

In the landscape of community relations and reconciliation, Anne Harding shines as a beacon of change and empowerment. Anne, who is based in Calgary and serves as the proprietor of Forum Community Relations Inc., has devoted her professional trajectory to cultivating substantive involvement, reconciliation, and rapport-building, with a specific focus on Indigenous communities throughout Canada. By virtue of her exceptional combination of knowledge, practical experience, and fervour, Anne’s leadership personifies an allegiance to constructive societal transformation and all-encompassing discourse. 

Building Bridges through Meaningful Engagement

Since the inception of Forum Community Relations Inc., Anne Harding has been committed to fostering understanding and connection between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. Anne has worked with more than eighty Indigenous organizations and communities to promote educational initiatives, community engagement, and economic development with an emphasis on mutual understanding and constructive discourse. Anne facilitates an environment that promotes collaborative efforts and transparent dialogue, enabling communities to actively participate in the development of solutions that value the hopes and perspectives of Indigenous peoples. 

Promoting Inclusion and Reconciliation 

Anne Harding’s profound dedication to reconciliation and Indigenous inclusion forms the bedrock of her mission. Anne’s consulting practice is informed by both academic rigour and practical expertise, as evidenced by her IAP2 Certified Public Participation Professional designation and Master of Arts in Corporate-Aboriginal Relations. Her positions as Vice Chair of the Indigenous Gathering Place Society of Calgary and Board Director supporting Indigenous inclusion for the Calgary Chamber of Commerce serve to emphasize her commitment to establishing forums that facilitate the gathering of Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals for the purpose of connecting, celebrating, and exchanging Indigenous cultures. Anne’s leadership and advocacy serve as catalysts for dialogues and initiatives that advance the causes of reconciliation, revitalization, and comprehension.

Image Courtesy: Forum Community Relations

Empowering Communities for Positive Change

Anne Harding’s influence transcends her consulting endeavours and incorporates a dedication to empowering communities in their pursuit of constructive transformation. Anne utilizes her erudition as a volunteer juror for the IAP2 Core Values Awards and former president of IAP2 Canada to advocate for optimal approaches to community engagement and public participation. Furthermore, her unpaid service to the Indigenous Gathering Place Society of Calgary serves as a prime example of her commitment to grassroots endeavours that elevate the voices and aspirations of Indigenous peoples. Anne enables organizations and individuals to navigate the intricacies of reconciliation and Indigenous relations with integrity, compassion, and regard via Forum Community Relations’ training offerings, each delivered by both Indigenous and Settler trainers whose lived experiences serve to illuminate the path toward reconciliation in meaningful ways.

Anne Harding’s leadership in the domain of community relations and reconciliation serves as a testament to the efficacy of discourse, comprehension, and cooperation. Anne has spearheaded pioneering strategies at Forum Community Relations Inc. that aim to facilitate substantive participation, advocate for reconciliation, and empower communities to effectuate constructive transformations. By persistently fostering dialogue and understanding and bridging divisions, Anne’s legacy continues to motivate organizations and individuals dedicated to constructing a society that is more equitable and inclusive.

Image Courtesy: Forum Community Relations

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Anne Harding is the Owner of Forum Community Relations, a Calgary based consulting company dedicated to catalyzing better communities through Indigenous relations and community engagement. In her 20 years of experience as a community and Indigenous engagement professional, she has engaged with over 85 Indigenous communities and organizations across Canada. Anne volunteers as Vice Chair of the board of the Indigenous Gathering Place Society of Calgary and as a director of the Calgary Chamber board, where she chairs the Governance & HR Committee and is a member of the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility sub-committee. Anne’s work and volunteer experiences have resulted in a distinctive and sought after ability to create and navigate ethical spaces between Indigenous and Western Ways of Knowing.

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