Business Woman of the Month: Geena Jackson

Business Woman of the Month: Geena Jackson
Image Courtesy: Bears’ Lair TV

Championing Indigenous Economic Development Through Bears’ Lair TV

Uplifting the Indigenous community in Canada has been on the agenda of many human rights leaders and entrepreneurs. This is, in fact, the reason why women entrepreneurs like Geena Jackson are breaking the stereotypes and bridging gaps between opportunities and common people. In the fields of media and Indigenous economic development, Geena Jackson is a huge influence and a force for change. Geena Jackson, a dedicated supporter of Indigenous rights and the Creator and Executive Producer of Bears’ Lair TV, has a significant influence that transcends the confines of her Shishalh Nation (Sechelt) community in British Columbia. Her unwavering commitment to promoting Indigenous entrepreneurship and enhancing the perspectives of Indigenous peoples has garnered her the honour of being named the Indigenous Businesswoman of the Month in March-April edition of the Indigenous-SME Business Magazine.

A Durable Legacy of Resistance and Empowerment

More than three decades ago, Geena Jackson embarked on her path to becoming a prominent figure in the field of Indigenous economic development. Geena, who graduated from BCIT with a degree in Broadcast and Media Communications, initiated a professional trajectory that involved promoting business development and Indigenous rights across multiple platforms, including prestigious events such as the Vancouver Indigenous Film Festival. Her extensive background in business and economic development for the Squamish Nation, in addition to her media roles, has endowed her with the expertise and resources necessary to empower Indigenous communities across the nation.

Bears’ Lair TV: Nationwide Empowerment of Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Central to Geena Jackson’s endeavours is Bears’ Lair TV, an innovative medium committed to bolstering Indigenous entrepreneurs at an unprecedented level across the nation. Geena, in her capacity as the program’s creator and a core juror, has led the way for two prosperous seasons, facilitating invaluable exposure, guidance, and development opportunities for Indigenous entrepreneurs. Bears’ Lair TV serves as a platform for Geena to not only advocate for Indigenous entrepreneurship but also provide contestants with the opportunity to vie for a $100,000 grand reward, thus stimulating the growth of Indigenous enterprises throughout Canada.

Investing in the Next Generation

Geena Jackson’s dedication to the advancement of Indigenous economic development transcends her tenure at Bears’ Lair TV; she actively fosters the development of future Indigenous leaders. Geena, in recognition of the significance of imparting success-oriented skills and mindsets to Indigenous youth, has founded the Bears’ Lair Youth Dream Camps. Empowering Indigenous youth aged 11 to 18 with entrepreneurship education, life skills, and success-oriented resources, these programs are conducted across the nation. By organizing and facilitating more than twenty-five programs in 2023 and forty more in 2024, Geena is influencing the future by enlightening, motivating, and elevating more than one thousand Indigenous youth throughout Canada.

An inspiring example of how perseverance and foresight can change lives is Geena Jackson’s meteoric rise from ardent activist to innovative businesswoman and media mogul. Geena has left an everlasting impression on Indigenous communities and the corporate world at large via her pioneering work with Bears’ Lair TV and Bears’ Lair Youth Dream Camps, which aims to empower and develop Indigenous people economically. Geena Jackson’s story, as this month’s Indigenous Businesswoman of the Month, exemplifies the strength and promise of Indigenous businesswomen around the globe.

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Geena Jackson is a proud member of the Shishalh Nation (Sechelt) and a passionate advocate for Indigenous Rights and self-determination. She is an entrepreneur and business leader with 25 years of experience that has worked for First Nation communities and Industry. As an economic development officer for the Squamish Nation for 13 years, followed by executive positions with large Industry companies, Geena recognized that successful projects for Indigenous communities are founded on uniting three vital groups; Indigenous Communities, Industry Expertise and Government support systems. Geena has helped over 800 Indigenous entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses and social enterprises through exceptional technical assistance to write and attain grant funding and access loans. She is also the creator and host of the Bears Lair TV show on APTN which is dedicated to supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs on a National scale.

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