Three Sisters Consulting: On a path toward amplifying Indigenous voices and empowering communities 

Three Sisters Consulting: On a path toward amplifying Indigenous voices and empowering communities

In Southwestern Ontario, nestled on the banks of Thames Rivers, is the quaint town of Chatham. Three Sisters Consulting, a dynamic and impactful Indigenous small business calls this town home. Born with the aim of making a significant difference in the lives of Indigenous communities across Canada, Three Sisters Consulting dedicates its services to empowering Indigenous voices and bridging the gap between Indigenous communities, businesses, and government entities. 

As an Indigenous woman-owned and operated business, Three Sisters Consulting has a deep commitment to incorporating Indigenous cultural values and two-eyed seeing into their approach. As a core organizational value, the ability to view the world through both Indigenous knowledge and Western perspectives, promoting a holistic understanding forms the basis of all the services they provide.  

Three Sisters Consulting: On a path toward amplifying Indigenous voices and empowering communities

The team at Three Sisters Consulting is a diverse mix of strong Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals, all trained in GBA+ (Gender-Based Analysis Plus) and OCAP (Ownership, Control, Access, and Possession) principles. This perspective allows the organization to offer well-rounded services based on a profound understanding of the challenges faced by Indigenous communities in Canada. 

Through their engagements, Three Sisters Consulting seeks to foster conversations and relationships with Indigenous communities, recognizing the lack of trust that stems from historical injustices. Their work aims to build meaningful connections with communities. 

To bridge gaps, Three Sisters Consulting utilizes Indigenous values, including the Seven Grandfather Teachings, Clan System, and Circle Facilitation Model, to guide their methodologies. These values form the foundation of their trust-building approach, ensuring that open and constructive conversations lead to action and ideally, partnership opportunities. 

Since it was founded in 2018, Three Sisters Consulting has partnered with a wide range of clients, including Indigenous communities, government departments, and businesses seeking to collaborate with Indigenous perspectives. Their work has been widely recognized, with various organizations seeking their expertise in complex public engagements, team building, strategic planning, and more. 

The company’s programs and services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, emphasizing diversity, training in hiring practices, day-to-day operations, and management. Their training extends to board members, encouraging inclusivity and cultural understanding sensitivity within organizations. 

Some of the organizations that Three Sisters Consulting has worked with include the Government of Canada, namely RCMP, Justice Canada, Public Safety Canada, and Health Canada, along with corporations and Indigenous communities and organizations. 

Three Sisters Consulting: On a path toward amplifying Indigenous voices and empowering communities

Through their work, Three Sisters Consulting envisions a future where Indigenous voices are elevated, barriers to Indigenous employment are removed through cultural training, and workplaces become diverse and inclusive. Their dedication to building bridges between Indigenous communities and a variety of sectors highlights the importance of authentic, respectful, and purposeful engagement. 

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