Kim Haxton: Empowering Indigenous Youth For The Future

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Kim Haxton is a Potowatomi from the Wasauksing First Nation in Ontario. She has worked in various capacities across Turtle Island and abroad, always emphasizing local leadership development.

Kim Haxton conducts one-on-one leadership coaching, workshops, and keynote talks for her corporate clients and others. As a result, she is highly sought after by corporations, non-profit organizations, and individual leaders who have grown to rely on her vision, knowledge, and direction.

Her work as a multifaceted, multidimensional educator is based on land-based education and leadership, and she has developed and facilitated programs in ten countries and cultures. Kim works with Indigenous communities to achieve decolonization and liberation, as well as with organizations interested in learning about reconciliation.

She is the co-founder of Indigeneyez, a creative arts-based organization. Kim works with Indigenous peoples to achieve decolonization and liberation. Kim develops de-escalation skills, diversity, and anti-oppression education grounded in the arts and the natural world for embodied awareness and assisted rites of passage.

Kim Haxton holds degrees in geography and outdoor recreation. After 20 years of studying with Indigenous healers from Nepal, Thailand, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Belize, Haiti, and North America, Kim worked with aboriginal youth in wilderness therapy and leadership development.

Kim’s extensive trauma therapy training has allowed her to work hands-on with disaster survivors, whether man-made or natural, immediate or ancestral.

Kim’s trauma work and healing knowledge are complemented by a strong experience in wilderness therapy, which has helped her to assist people in discovering their internal compass while developing their relationship with nature. She approaches healing from a unique perspective that incorporates ancient and modern treatments.

Mobilizing Change

Kim Haxton co-founded IndigenEYEZ, and her extensive knowledge of healing, decolonization, and connection to land paved the way for the organization’s continuous development.

IndigenEYEZ is led by Indigenous peoples and was founded in 2013 due to the fortunate convergence of three renowned Indigenous facilitators.

IndigenEYEZ focuses on youth and has hosted over 30 successful youth camps, touching Indigenous youngsters from around the lower mainland and interior of British Columbia. This vital work brought the realization that youth leave camps feeling uplifted and empowered, yet they often return to communities lacking this level of support. 

IndigenEYEZ has gradually expanded its programs to include seminars to strengthen community capacity and improve the circle around youngsters.

In 2020, they developed kinSHIFT, a social enterprise created in response to an increase in demand from settlers seeking to learn how to cultivate respectful and real relationships with Indigenous peoples and places.

IndigenEYEZ has evolved into a movement that has impacted thousands of people across British Columbia. They provide various programs designed and given with an Indigenous perspective to instill confidence, communication skills, and effective group dynamics. In addition, they focus on empathy, teamwork, and creativity, tools that are helping Indigenous people embrace ancestral gifts, exercise their voices, and come together for positive change.

They envision collective well-being for all their relationships and strive to strengthen connections with the land, themselves, and each other, fueling creativity to create social change.

Their values create a foundation for impactful change. They emphasize that creativity is vital in Indigenous resurgence and decolonization by helping them tell their own stories, learn on a holistic level, and imagine healthier ways going forward.

They believe that curiosity allows them to learn more about themselves and others by creating space for deeper discovery. Authenticity implies that Indigenous people who are in tune with their gifts, strengths, and values grow into self-assured, inspired leaders who can make a greater contribution to the community. Interconnectedness means that their thoughts, values, and ideas are fueled by and contribute to their communities.

As an insightful, experienced coach and leader in inclusion and reconciliation, Kim believes in the ability of individuals and communities to heal themselves through decolonization and harmony with nature.

IndigenEYEZ strengthens the connection, ignites hope, and inspires change. For more information, visit

Indigenous youth require the motivation and support that will help them overcome the traumas and hurdles that bind them down. To read more about these organizations, subscribe to Indigenous SME Business Magazine, and for the latest updates, check our Twitter page @IndigenousSme.

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