Matriarch Movement: Reclaiming A Relationship Based Approach

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Matriarch Movement is an online platform, podcast and non-profit focused on amplifying Indigenous women’s voices and providing wellness workshops intertwined with meditation, movement and medicine.

Amplifying Indigenous 

Matriarch Movement is a podcast, and non-profit organization focused on shifting the mainstream narrative around Indigenous women. They focus on amplifying the voices of Indigenous women through their podcasts, social media and interviews.

There is strength in numbers and oneness with all creation. Their mission is to build bridges and to offer their hands in guidance. In the true sense of community and connection, what we do for each other helps uplift all people’s spirits.

Their non-profit provides and partners with organizations to facilitate personal and online wellness workshops that focus on Indigenous people reclaiming their voices, bodies, and spirits that have been silenced and stolen throughout history and humanity.

Matriarch Movement curates workshops, sharing others’ stories and creating new outlets for youth to be seen and heard. They strive to shift the narrative around Indigenous women through their initiatives.

Reclaiming Her Voice 

Shayla Oulette Stonechild is a Nehiyaw Iskwew from Muscowpetung First Nations. She is a lululemon global ambassador and the founder of the Matriarch Movement. 

Shayla Stonechild has always been a catalyst for Indigenous youth and women to reach their full potential by reclaiming their silenced and stolen voices, bodies, and spirits throughout history. She feels that the arts, meditation, movement, and reclaiming of an Indigenous worldview are helping to amplify that transformation.

From a very young age, Shayla was exposed to the arts. She grew up around her mother’s performing arts company and graduated from the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts and Vancouver School of Healing Arts. 

For her active involvement within her community, Shayla has received the title of the “Metis Youth Ambassador of Alberta” and was a finalist for “Miss Teen Canada,” representing her hometown, Medicine Hat. 

Shayla is a trauma-informed yoga instructor at “CMMN GRND” with over 500 yoga teacher training hours and is ranked as one of the top “20 Yoga Instructors of Color to Watch in 2020” internationally.

Her article titled “Reclaiming Our Roots” for Jillian Harris on Canada Day received over 15,000 shares. 

She currently works with “SNIWWOC” and the “Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto,” where she provides free and accessible wellness programs to BIPOC women across Canada.

Shayla has partnered with companies like the Royal Bank of Canada, Telus, Audible, Saje Wellness, DoorDash, the BC Women’s Foundation, The Body Shop, and Lululemon. She was interviewed by ETalk and The Social CTV and has been featured in Vita, Basenotes, and Hello! Magazine.

The Matriarch Movement seeks to amplify Indigenous voices and usher in a new era of matriarchs rising. To learn more about their works and initiatives, visit their website at

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