All you need to know about The Canadian Centre for Aboriginal Entrepreneurship, Inc

All you need to know about The Canadian Centre for Aboriginal Entrepreneurship, Inc

CCAE or the Canadian Centre for Aboriginal Entrepreneurship is for every single Canadian. It is meant for the Indigenous people with an aim to do big in the world of Indigenous entrepreneurship as The Canadian Centre for Aboriginal Entrepreneurship, Inc. Similarly, it is equally for all the non-Indigenous communities as the Canadian Centre for Accelerated Entrepreneurship.

CCAE provides its clients with entrepreneurship project management resources, entrepreneurship training, oral and writing services on Entrepreneurship and the New Gig Economy, and consulting to government and Indigenous businesses, organizations and individuals. CCAE does this by forming virtual partnerships through complementary team members.

The organization is owned by Bruce Lacroix, President, and CEO. He was born in Halifax of mixed Mi’kmaq and French heritage. Bruce now resides in the beautiful heritage town of Nelson, BC, along with his family. Bruce regards himself as a lifelong entrepreneur who believes himself to be a ‘terrible employee’ while working for others. Bruce achieves great success while working in collaboration with others.

CCAE – Goals & Mission

CCAE’s mission is to strengthen, promote and enhance a prosperous Indigenous business economy by fostering strong business relationships, thereby making use of opportunities and awareness for all of its members.

CCAE – Goals & Mission

Over the past 25 years or so, the Canadian Centre for Aboriginal Entrepreneurship, Inc. and the Canadian Centre for Accelerated Entrepreneurship (Non-Indigenous) have supported more than 3,500 entrepreneurs in Canada and the Caribbean to promote successful self-employment. If you belong to the Indigenous community and wish to have your own business soon, or if you already are an Indigenous business owner, you can get assistance from the CCAE to form a successful and sustainable business community.

About Aboriginal BEST

CCAE’s BEST aims at nurturing the entrepreneurial spirits of the people, communities and organizations. Here, the participants can meet the guest speakers and identify capable business ideas in order to determine their possibilities and take further steps to start and grow their own Indigenous businesses. By being a part of this, you will learn about conducting market research, writing business plans, and exploring financing options on your enticing journey to your self-employment success path.

Aboriginal BEST is for Aboriginal, Métis, and Inuit status. This is also for the ones who do not belong to these communities but are interested in becoming self-employed or starting their own company. BEST can benefit you all throughout your business development path and will help you in turning your dreams into reality. If you wish to grow your venture, being a part of BEST could be the best option for you. More than 3000 people in around 130 communities across Canada have already taken part in the Aboriginal BEST in the past 15 years.


If you can relate to whatever you have just read above, you should be a part of the CCAE in Canada. The Indigenous business communities in Canada are growing in leaps and bounds. And it is now time to gear up and start taking baby steps ahead to the path of success.

If you wish to learn more about such Indigenous businesses in Canada, do not forget to subscribe to the CanadianSME Monthly small business magazine. 

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