Taking Subscription Boxes to a Whole New ‘Indigenous’ Level: The Story of Simply Indigenous

Taking Subscription Boxes to a Whole New ‘Indigenous’ Level: The Story of Simply Indigenous

Generally speaking, businesses are often established due to products or market demand gaps, which can subsequently take the shape of a niche. Many entrepreneurs have made significant contributions to the Canadian economy only by identifying such gaps and tapping the potential to maximize profits. As online shopping becomes a new norm, the power of subscription boxes lies in their excitement and surprise. During the peak of the pandemic lockdowns, Hawklene Lawton noticed a significant market gap while shopping online. She realized that there was a lack of subscription boxes that exhibited Indigenous merchandise and supported Indigenous businesses. 

Fueled by this realization, Hawklene Lawton founded Simply Indigenous, an online subscription box company with a mission to promote and support Indigenous-owned businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs across Turtle Island. With her platform, she strives to honour the vibrant culture and exceptional talent of Indigenous communities. On top of that, she offers her customers the chance to make a positive difference through their purchases.

The Beginning of a Vision

The concept of Simply Indigenous originated during a period when numerous individuals sought comfort in online shopping due to pandemic restrictions. Hawklene, who is a fan of subscription boxes, observed a noticeable absence of Indigenous products in the market. Motivated to address this gap, she came up with the idea for Simply Indigenous, a platform designed to highlight and support the wide range of products and services offered by Indigenous businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs. 

The name “Simply Indigenous” perfectly captures the essence of the Indigenous roots of her business. It represents a simple and direct way to support multiple Indigenous peoples by purchasing a single subscription box. With a clear vision in mind, Hawklene wasted no time and quickly got to work. In just a few months, she successfully launched her first monthly box in June 2021.

A Journey of Growth and Inclusivity

Hawklene continued to listen to her consumers as Simply Indigenous gained momentum. She found out that some customers wanted the freedom to choose the items they bought for themselves, making individualized service a priority. She responded by introducing the “Create your own Box” idea, which allowed clients to choose which Indigenous-owned businesses they wanted to receive items from each month. 

This inclusive approach not only catered to individual preferences but also expanded the platform’s reach, attracting a diverse audience looking to make a positive impact through their purchases.

Paving the Way for Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Simply Indigenous’s impact extends far beyond providing subscription boxes. The company serves as a powerful platform that amplifies the voices and talents of Indigenous businesses and artists. Simply Indigenous plays a vital role in empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs by promoting their products and creating a space where their offerings shine. Through collaboration and support, Hawklene envisions the platform growing to showcase even more talented Indigenous individuals across Turtle Island. As Simply Indigenous flourishes, the ripple effect of its mission spreads wider, creating a thriving ecosystem of Indigenous creativity and success.

Providing Appropriate Acknowledgement: Concern for the Greater Community

Perhaps Simply Indigenous’ exclusivity and success lie in the fact that they do not ask for a subscription to their services. They do not wish to lock people into a program that they could eventually want to opt out of or not like one or more products that they sell. What sets precedence for Simply Indigenous is their commitment to ensuring that their customers can afford to purchase their products. Plus, they want their customers to experience real Indigenous art and traditional creativity as they hand-pick their display items. A majority of their business revolves around promoting Indigenous artists and enterprises; this is coupled with making Indigenous art and culture accessible to the wider market.

Another major facet of this Indigenous business is the provision of information on the Indigenous craftsmen, companies, artists and enterprises on their website as well as their physical store. Not only that, they take the promotion of Indigenous artifacts and artists one step further by adding brief descriptions of the artwork and biography of the artists. The idea, of course, is to grant them the due recognition and prominence these craftsmen deserve.

As the company continues to expand, its goal is to become a leading advocate for the richness and uniqueness of Indigenous culture. Additionally, it aims to empower Indigenous entrepreneurs, enabling them to thrive and succeed. By subscribing to a box or placing a custom order, customers not only receive products but also join a significant movement that supports and celebrates the diverse contributions of Indigenous communities throughout Turtle Island. Simply Indigenous is more than just a business. It symbolizes the incredible potential of entrepreneurship when fueled by a vision that values inclusivity, empowerment, and positive impact.

Since businesses like Simply Indigenous require wider support from patrons and audiences, our collective responsibility is to extend our assistance and encouragement in whatever capacity we can. These small businesses will one day grow and contribute to the larger community and drive economic prosperity across Canada. For more information on this business, visit https://simplyindigenous.ca/.

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