MacKenzie Indigenous Solutions: Empowering Communities with Strategic Planning and Reconciliation Planning

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MacKenzie Indigenous Solutions is a company dedicated to supporting Indigenous communities and organizations with strategic planning, project management, and reconciliation planning. Founded by Randal MacKenzie, an experienced consultant and facilitator, the company offers a wide range of services customized to meet each community’s unique needs.

As an accomplished public speaker, Randal has shared his insights on contemporary Indigenous issues at numerous conferences and expert panels. He has facilitated guest lectures at various universities, including the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta, York University, and Mount Royal University. Randal’s dedication to supporting Indigenous communities goes beyond his work with MacKenzie Indigenous Solutions. 

He is also actively involved in advocacy efforts related to Indigenous justice and child welfare, primary healthcare and continuing care, addictions and mental health, and Indigenous water inequity. Randal’s passion for improving the lives of Indigenous peoples is reflected in every aspect of MacKenzie Indigenous Solutions, making it a valuable asset to any community or organization looking to make a positive impact.

Let’s now try to dig a little deeper into this venture and uncover the secrets of its true motivations.

Effective Community Initiatives Through Strategic Planning and Project Management

MacKenzie Indigenous Solutions provides strategic planning and project management with a focus on Indigenous communities. Risk assessment and mitigation plans, program design and execution, and policy formulation are all areas that Randal and his team help to advance. Additionally, they provide full-cycle project management and assistance to boost the prospects of local endeavours.

Strategic Planning for Reconciliation: A Commitment to Truth and Healing

Everyone has a part to play in Reconciliation, and MacKenzie Indigenous Solutions can assist businesses in identifying theirs. In order to honour Truth and Reconciliation, the firm aids groups in creating Reconciliation Action Plans that include specific goals and strategies for doing so.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Towards a More Inclusive Community

When businesses want to improve their Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), they can count on MacKenzie Indigenous Solutions for help. The team will assist businesses in crafting an EDI Strategy to better cater to the requirements of the people they assist.

Community Service Needs Assessment via Consultation and Participatory Planning

The business can also help you with things like gap analysis, process mapping, and requirements analysis. They help people communicate with one another and become involved in community affairs, listening to locals in order to determine what services are required.

Short-Term and Long-Term Goal Setting Through Research and Program Evaluation

MacKenzie Indigenous Solutions is capable of organizing and facilitating community focus groups, surveys, and interviews. They’re able to amass the information, process it, and present it in reports that can be used for both short-term and long-term planning.

Knowledge Exchange & Facilitation: Building Capacity and Professional Development

MacKenzie Indigenous Solutions easily facilitates professional development sessions, capacity-building workshops, and training seminars on a variety of topics affecting Indigenous communities.

Technical Assistance, Event Coordination, and Media Relations Support

Last, but not the least, the company helps clients with media relations, marketing, event planning, and other forms of communication strategy creation. Writing proposals and grants, conducting feasibility studies, and offering executive assistance are all part of the technical communications services they provide.

MacKenzie Indigenous Solutions is an organization that helps Native American groups and communities prosper. Their wide variety of offerings ensures that every community improvement project is given the greatest possible opportunity for success. MacKenzie Indigenous Solutions is a useful partner for any community or organization trying to make a difference, thanks to Randal’s experience, knowledge of Indigenous problems, and his team’s dedication to quality.

So if you, too, are looking for a supportive partner that can help you turn your enterprise around for the better, then log onto their official business at

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