Indigenous Entrepreneurship Winners 

Indigenous Entrepreneurship Winners 

It’s evident that before diving headfirst into the business world, startups and entrepreneurs now consider the wider impact of their operations and their overall carbon footprint. However, we do not always encounter a business owner who really cares about conserving the environment. 

Strictly speaking, sincerity is ingrained in most Indigenous communities as their way of life is founded on moral principles that complement their environment. This is why the judging panel at the CanadianSME small business magazine decided to honour the diligence and genuine concern for the environment displayed by one Indigenous startup owner who’s been making strides in improving its customers’ life quality with a focus on sustainability.

And thus, our pick for the Young Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year Award is none other than Jordan Dooley, the founder of Vearthy. Vearthy creates eco-friendly bedding from the finest natural fibres available. Instead of slacking off and using unsafe or ineffective chemicals, they opt for organic ingredients and cutting-edge technology. 

Congratulations to Jordan for his visionary approach and zeal to positively transform our community!

Check out their latest collection of bamboo bedsheets and other related items on the official website and embark on a journey.

Women entrepreneurs have been causing quite a stir in the Canadian business ecosystem, especially those from the Indigenous communities. One such leader and entrepreneur is Michelle Cameron, who founded Dreamcatcher Promotions. The judging panel at the CanadianSME small business magazine honoured this resilient woman entrepreneur with the award of Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year for Michelle’s hardwork and zeal to face challenges in her path. 

The Dreamcatcher Promotions gained recognition among the Indigenous community in 2018. Her company is the largest Indigenous-owned promotional e-commerce site in North America. Michelle’s struggles for years post the inception of Dreamcatcher Promotions in 2011 as a home-based business culminated in the establishment of a sister company, Indigenous Nations Apparel Company (INAC). 

We are proud of women entrepreneurs like Michelle Cameron, who inspire the world with their power of belief in positive change and contribute to the larger community. Dreamcatcher Promotions provides access to essentials like apparel, accessories, stationery, sportswear and bags, convention totes, drinkware, and much more. They also specialize in offering personalized products or items as per customers’ demands and a variety of colours, fabrics, shapes and sizes.

Visit to learn more about their product range and order a favourite today!

When it comes to providing consulting services to Canada’s Indigenous communities, one of the few names that pop up in our minds is Sabre Pictou Lee, the CEO and Co-Founder of Archipel Research and Consulting. She’s a proud Mi’kmaq who hails from Eel River Bar First Nation in northern New Brunswick. For Sabre, it all aligns naturally because of her foundations in liaisoning and researching, which is why she was the perfect choice for CanadianSME’s award for Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year. 

Her goal is simple: Sabre aims to connect Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups by using her skills as a facilitator and mediator. Archipel Research and Consulting offers pragmatic, sustainable and efficient solutions and strategies for its clients’ demands and requirements. They apply ethical and professional integrity to all their initiatives, which they address by combining anti-racist, intersectional feminist, and Indigenous techniques. 

We’re absolutely in awe of their feminine power and passion for contributing to the larger community, and we wish them nothing but the best for their consistent future endeavours.

To learn more about the company’s services and area of expertise, log onto and become a part of the change.

Indigenous Entrepreneurs, whether women or men are trailblazing a path in the business world which not only considers the greater good of society but also actively promotes environmental sustainability. We at Indigenous Business Magazine salute their resolve to promote harmony of humanity with nature, and that’s why Mallory G Yawnghwe, the founder of Indigenous Box Inc, has been honoured with the Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year award, at the CanadianSME Business Awards 2022.

The 35-year-old business owner hails from Saddle Lake Cree Nation and describes herself as a self-starter, result-oriented entrepreneur descending from a family of helpers. And we couldn’t agree more!

This award recognizes and appreciates the integrity and transparency with which Mallory is running her e-commerce website, which actively promotes building bridges and preserving the tradition of gift-giving. As a young and driven change maker, Mallory proudly claims that the sky is the limit for the Indigenous youth of Canada, who also happens to be the fastest-growing, youngest population in the region and starting businesses 9 times the national average.

We wish her the stars and great heights of success so that more youngsters like her can follow in her steps to make Canada a prospering and economically stable nation.

Check out the range of products available on Indigenous Box Inc’s official site at

The business acumen and sagacity of Indigenous entrepreneurs can not be overstated. Time and again, they’ve proven their assertiveness and resolve to achieve the impossible through sheer hardwork and diligence. Since every business or startup has a background story of not-giving-up in challenging times, one such story that the judging panel at the CanadianSME has decided to recognize with its prestigious award for RBC Small Business of the Year Up to 10 Employees is none other than that of eSupply Canada. 

Steven Vanloffeld, the founder of eSupply Canada, a brilliant brain and businessman, identified the demand for janitorial, office and industrial supplies very early on. He gradually expanded his business to accommodate over a million products of the said categories and stands as the most successful distributor of these supplies in entire Canada! 

And he was able to achieve this by leveraging the buying power of the customers and offering his products at competitive prices. Today, eSupply Canada has distribution centers in all major locations, like Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. The company easily supplies any company in Canada expeditiously, no matter how centrally located or out in the sticks it may be. In fact, the vast majority of orders are sent on the same day.

The Indigenous Business Magazine is elated with the news of honouring eSupply with this eminent recognition and wishes Steven a higher success in the future.

Log onto the official website of eSupply to learn more about their services and products at

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