Indigenous-Owned Businesses Making Waves in the Canadian Business Ecosystem

Five Indigenous-Owned Businesses Making Waves in the Canadian Business Ecosystem

Growing Together: How First Nation Growers LP is Revolutionizing Community Nutrition

First Nation Growers LP. is a Canadian corporation established by Dawn Tabobondung, a Wasauksing First Nation member, and her mother, Joyce, an Indigenous senior and prominent community leader. The firm provides inexpensive, sustainable, completely automated, cold-climate interior growing garden farm systems to promote year-round community nutrition for First Nations and Inuit communities in Canada. Dawn Tabobondung’s First Nation administration, accounting and bookkeeping skills make her a perfect FNG team leader. Her creative vision and company purpose allow people, First Nation, and Inuit communities to grow fresh greens and herbs, including traditional indigenous medicines, and year-round indoor farmers’ gardens.

The Tabobondung family has always worked to improve their community and Indigenous peoples. FNG’s key ideals include building long-term First Nation and Inuit community connections. The firm develops, trains, and educates communities that want to assist their people by growing green vegetables, herbs, and folk medicine inside year-round.

The company’s completely automated Garden Fresh Foods Farm produce indoor growing system is part of a First Nation research and development training centre. Located in her First Nation village or community, it grows fresh food year-round inside, as well as Indigenous herbs and medicinal plants, for the benefit of her community. First Nation Growers LP (FNG) is a wholly Indigenous-owned and operated business that operates a sophisticated, indoor, temperature-controlled, fresh produce farming, natural Fresh Foods Garden Farm System business around the clock. Modern rotational hydroponic equipment is at the heart of FNG’s agriculture system.

The Tabobondung family’s forward-thinking worldview and company objective testify to their sincere desire to help the Anishinabek people. They are making it possible for Indigenous communities throughout Canada to have a brighter and healthier future.

If you’re looking to collaborate with the company or learn about their methods, then visit their website at

Wildpier Beauty Inc: Empowering All Forms of Beauty

What do you get when you combine a passion for natural beauty, a love for skincare techniques from around the world, and a desire to solve a personal struggle with dry skin? The answer is Wildpier Beauty Inc, an Indigenous Canadian-owned business that is making waves in the beauty industry with their natural and effective exfoliating products.

Wildpier Beauty’s founder, Mallory, has had dry skin her whole life and has tried several over-the-counter and prescription treatments with no results. She became so frustrated by the lack of alternatives that she began researching exfoliation methods from throughout the globe. But, she could not locate any exfoliating solutions that she thought were natural and efficient enough to use on her skin. She needed one, so she made one for herself.

Wildpier Beauty draws inspiration for its products from the centuries-old skincare traditions and practices of many different civilizations. Nonetheless, they stand out because of their dedication to using only natural remedies while still producing tangible outcomes. In addition to leaving your skin feeling soft and looking radiant, their intensive scrub can help diminish the effect of scars, open pores, stretch marks, cellulite, keratosis pilaris, pigmentation, and wrinkles.

But Wildpier Beauty’s mission is more than just skin deep. By praising attractiveness in all its forms and manifestations, they want to give people of all backgrounds the courage to be themselves. And they’re doing it without resorting to any artificial substances or potentially dangerous chemicals.

Wildpier Beauty’s products do more than only improve skin health; they also improve the lymphatic system, increase blood flow, and reduce the appearance of acne and ingrown hairs. Customers who have observed noticeable changes in the quality of their skin have naturally been singing their praises.

So if you’re looking for a natural and effective way to care for your skin, look no further than Wildpier Beauty Inc. They’re not just a beauty brand; they’re a movement empowering everyone to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. And you can check out their range of skincare products at

Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters: Honoring the Art and Culture of Indigenous People

Nestled along the northern shores of Lake Ontario lies a space for Indigenous art and culture. A space that is not just a physical location but a hub for sharing, celebrating, and creating. This space is the Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters, a non-profit organization founded and managed by local Indigenous people from varying Nations based in South Mississauga.

Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters was founded on the idea that Indigenous and non-Indigenous people need a secure and culturally based knowledge centre where they may learn from each other and work together to repair their communities. The organization strives to create programs and initiatives that span social justice, commercial, healing and wellness, education, and academia, among others.

The organization’s events and activities are a testament to its commitment to Indigenous culture and tradition. From drumming circles and storytelling to various ceremonies, sporting events, and even POW WOWs, there is something for everyone at Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters. Through these events, the organization aims to infuse the arts, linguistics, and cultures of the local Indigenous communities to achieve its dreams and many more.

The intention of Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters is commendable as the organization has decided to reinvest its growing revenues into Indigenous causes, like providing access to education and counselling for low-income youngsters and housing assistance for abused women. The purpose of this organization is driven by a strong feeling of community, which is why the group was founded.

Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters is a beacon of hope in a world where Indigenous people and their traditions are often misunderstood or disregarded. It is a place where Indigenous and non-Indigenous people can come together to learn, develop, and appreciate the richness of Indigenous art and culture. It’s a place to reflect on the significance of Indigenous cultural practices and to be reminded of the legacy they leave for future generations.

To learn more about this center or contribute to their existing projects, log onto their official website at

Five Indigenous-Owned Businesses Making Waves in the Canadian Business Ecosystem

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