Four Winds Indigenous Market: Celebration Of Indigenous Music, Art And Crafts

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The Four Winds Indigenous Showcase & Market combines a collection of talented Indigenous vendors with performances from incredible Indigenous artists from various treaties and regions.

They seek to create community platforms for Indigenous artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their talents. Finding inspiration in every turn, they are passionate about creating a connection between the artist and the greater urban community through promotion and support at their markets and artist showcases.

Four Winds Indigenous Market collaborates with Indigenous artists to create an ambience of celebration and happiness.  

Tootoosis Crew

Tootoosis Crew is an Edmonton and Calgary-based traditional Indigenous family dance troupe from Poundmaker and Thunderchild, Saskatchewan. A family bound by history, culture, and music traveling Turtle Island, spreading love and healing through song and dance. Tootoosis Crew includes a men’s grass dancer, a women’s traditional dancer, two women’s fancy shawl dancers, a women’s jingle dress dancer, a passionate one-year-old small tot dancer, and the family’s hoop dancer, Lakota Tootoosis. In addition, Tootoosis Crew performs traditional powwow showcases with eight dancers and two live drummers and singers.


Toosick is a powwow dancer, motivational speaker, and Indigenous recording artist. He captures the attention of his audience with motivating lyrics and appealing melodies while telling real-life anecdotes of growing up as a young Indigenous guy in the projects of inner-city Edmonton, Alberta.

He has reconnected with his Indigenous heritage as an adult. He tries to bring attention to customs, local communities, and topics he is passionate about, such as the MMIW movement. He has performed at several venues, including the Wicked Woods Music Festival, Thunderchild Powwow, numerous community events, and the BMO Centre. This year, he has taken the opportunity to talk to youngsters in schools and on reservations, sharing his experience to inspire them to dream big and create possibilities for themselves.


Lately, Four Winds Indigenous Market collaborated with Chinook Blast to host over 60 Indigenous vendors with products and services ranging from clothing, jewelry, beadwork, home decor, wellness products, pet care products, aesthetic services, children’s face painting, artwork, coffee, bannock, and more.

Their showcase featured an Open Mic Hip Hop Challenge hosted by Toosick, who invited local artists to compete. It featured DJ Nyla, a thirteen-year-old DJ taking over the Indigenous music scene.

They also organized an all-female artist showcase featuring Lena Daniels, Ashley Ghostkeeper, Amanda Gendron, and Shaylynn Turningrobe. In addition, they featured a Fashion Show and Hip Hop Showcase hosted by Sheena T Kaine and DJ Nyla, with performances from artists such as Valkrie, Northside Baby, Toosick, and Dakota Bear and a hoop dance performance from Dallas Arcand Jr.

On the closing day, they featured an acoustic performance from artist Curt Young and a speech from activist Josiah Wilson, who spoke about hurtful rejection and his journey to answer questions about his identity, race, and belonging. The programming concluded with a powwow showcase. The event was free, family-friendly, and all-inclusive. 

To meet authentic Indigenous artists and for live performances, visit their website at  

Endeavors that boost the Indigenous culture play a significant role in rejuvenating the community and its practices. To read more about these companies, subscribe to Indigenous SME Business Magazine and for the latest updates, check our Twitter page @IndigenousSme

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