First Nations Technology Council: The Indigenous Hub For Technological Upskilling   

First Nations Technology Council: The Indigenous Hub For Technological Upskilling

First Nations Technology Council is an indigenously run non-profit organization that works to give Indigenous peoples the resources, training, and support they need to succeed in the digital era. 

Enhancing Through Innovation

The First Nations Leadership Council was founded in 2002 and comprised the British Columbia Assembly of First Nations, the First Nations Summit, and the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, providing foundational directives. Their four mandates include: 

  • Digital Skills Development
  • Connectivity
  • Information Management
  • Technical Support and Services

To enhance Indigenous people’s technological and innovative professions, the FNTC offers financed and approved educational programs. In addition, they take part in and oversee community research initiatives that benefit Indigenous peoples directly.

In addition, they develop plans to promote Indigenous communities’ equitable, economical, and sustainable access to technology and improve policy options for ensuring the accessibility and dependability of the internet in Indigenous communities.

They envision Indigenous communities leveraging technology to the fullest to realize their goals and Indigenous voices actively influencing the technology industry as it effectively responds to reconciliation.

Technological Hub

The First Nations Technology Council works at the intersection of Indigenous sovereignty, technological development, and an economy of technology and innovation that is quickly growing. 

Their efforts are motivated by the conviction that innovation and reconciliation go hand in hand and that participation and leadership from people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and worldviews in the technology industry would lead to a better future for all Canadians.

They are Indigenous-led, with a board of directors representing Indigenous communities from all over British Columbia. In addition, Indigenous women hold most of their senior leadership positions. 

With a dynamic and rapidly growing team, they work with Indigenous peoples, governments, academic institutions, technology futurists, and social changemakers to create an ecosystem that will lead to fair and equitable access to the tools, resources, and education required for success in the digital age.

Since 2002, they have worked with over 150 Indigenous communities in the province to offer advice, insights, and training in the use of technology. In 2013, they launched a strategy renewal that recast the Technology Council’s function in a fast-evolving digital landscape.

Creating Innovative Ecosystem

The First Nations Technology Council recognized that these are the most exciting and crucial years for promoting technology and innovation in Indigenous communities as BC and Canada strive to become global leaders in the digital economy.

Their vast teaching programs, new resources, and powerful network enabled the Technology Council to assist thousands of Indigenous peoples over the coming years.

They work to build a thriving Indigenous Innovation Ecosystem where Indigenous communities can fully utilize technology to advance their visions, Indigenous peoples are empowered with the skills and certification needed to thrive in the digital age, and Indigenous voices and perspectives are actively influencing the technology sector as it meaningfully responds to reconciliation.

The First Nations Technology Council serves all 204 First Nations communities across British Columbia as they work to ensure that Indigenous peoples have full and equitable access to the tools, training, and support they need to maximize the opportunities presented by technology and innovation. 

They oversee the strengthening of local Indigenous economies and empower Indigenous innovators who contribute to Indigenous self-determination and nationhood. These efforts are a tangible form of reconciliation as they work towards a shared and sustainable future in Canada.

First Nations Technology Council equips Indigenous communities to meet future technological demands. To know more about their work, visit their website at

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