Connecting Communities and Raising Indigenous Voices with the Ballantyne Project

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Dwight Ballantyne, the driving force behind The Ballantyne Project, is on a mission to bridge the awareness gap between Indigenous communities and the rest of Canada while also inspiring social consciousness. Raised in challenging circumstances in a northern First Nation in Saskatchewan, Dwight’s relocation to British Columbia in 2016 opened his eyes to the profound lack of knowledge about life on First Nations reserves. 

Empowering Indigenous Youth 

Dwight wanted to encourage Indigenous youth from far-flung First Nations to follow their passions and tell their experiences, so he started The Ballantyne Project in 2019. Growing up Dwight felt invisible and so the #WeSeeYou campaign was launched to provide Indigenous youth living in isolated areas a greater 

platform to share their stories and let them know they are seen. The project began by forming partnerships with other groups to launch an Entrepreneurship Program; over time, the campaign evolved and now focuses on the game-changing #WeSeeYou trip to Vancouver. 

How to Use Adversity to Your Advantage 

Despite the pandemic’s interruptions, Dwight continued lecturing to audiences nationwide using videoconferencing technology. His stories are honest and raw, drawing on his own life experiences, and they always manage to start a conversation and move people to action. 

Small Business Canada

Expanding Impact and Fostering Connections 

Dwight hopes to broaden The Ballantyne Project’s reach in the future by providing opportunities and resources for Indigenous youth to work and collaborate. His unwavering dedication compels him to keep reaching out to new people and building bridges across various groups. His incredible rise from obscurity to the forefront of social change demonstrates how widely circulated stories may alter people’s perspectives. 

Small Business Canada

In addition to being an initiative, the Ballantyne Project serves as a forum for Indigenous views to be heard and as a link between different communities. Dwight Ballantyne’s efforts to encourage Indigenous youngsters and bring attention to the realities of life on First Nations reserves have had a domino effect that is promoting compassion, understanding, and genuine relationships. His experience demonstrates how sharing one’s story may change people’s perspectives and foster a more hopeful future. Discover more about their services and mission by visiting 

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