Business Woman Of The Month: Janelle Desrosiers

Business Woman Of The Month: Janelle Desrosiers
Emancipating Feminist Entrepreneurs to Bloom + Brilliance

There are women with resolves of steel and grit who have made their presence felt within their lands and beyond, and they deserve adulation along with due recognition for their powerful efforts that have changed the course of history. One such woman whose struggles deserve to be acknowledged is none other than Janelle Desrosiers. Indigenous Small Business Magazine’s Indigenous Business Woman Of The Month is awarded to this entrepreneur for her exceptional contributions to empowering and emancipating feminist leaders.

As the Founder and Creative Director of Bloom + Brilliance, a feminist design agency located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Janelle is committed to helping women build businesses that achieve not only financial success but also drive social change. Inspired by her own experiences and those of her loved ones, Janelle aspires to dismantle the societal barriers that impede women from realizing their potential and making meaningful contributions to their communities.

Honouring the Legacy of Her Grandmother

As a Michif and French-Canadian Two-Spirit artist, Janelle’s journey as an entrepreneur was propelled by her grandmother as she experienced firsthand how racism and sexism prevented her from realizing her full potential. Janelle learned from her grandmother’s example the value of recognizing the wisdom and sacrifices of women. Janelle’s goal is to aid feminist leaders in creating businesses and organizations that accomplish both their individual goals and meaningful social change.

A Passionate and Collaborative Approach to Branding and Web Design

Janelle’s branding and web design philosophy is driven by her commitment to fostering connections, engaging with her community, and achieving a positive impression. Her specialties include branding, website design, and strategy, all of which thrive from her intuitive, creative, and exuberant style. Janelle has a remarkable knack for understanding and articulating her client’s vision, which she then uses to create meaningful branding and websites that attract attention and inspire action.

An Impressive Record of Project Management and Social Justice Advocacy

Janelle has been working in visual and new media for over 18 years, and her clientele has included corporations, NGOs, governments, tribal communities, and solopreneurs from all over the world. She has substantial expertise in managing projects in the commercial and governmental sectors at a variety of levels, including design, restructuring, and adaptation. Janelle has always been dedicated to social justice and progressive causes, and she takes that dedication to her work at Bloom + Brilliance.

Business Woman Of The Month: Janelle Desrosiers

Janelle Desrosiers is helping women overcome stereotypes and realize their full potential. She is motivating aspiring female leaders to create influential enterprises and initiatives. She approaches branding and web design with an intuitive, collaborative, and passionate style that represents her devotion to connection-building, camaraderie, and creating a positive influence. Janelle’s dedication to making a difference in the world is shown in her remarkable track record of project management and social justice activism.

Intrigued by Janelle’s energy and positivity? Visit her official website to learn more about her services or her community service projects at

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