WinFire Business Services Ltd: A Mission to Foster Indigenous Entrepreneurship

WinFire Business Services Ltd: A Mission to Foster Indigenous Entrepreneurship

For many Indigenous entrepreneurs, access to business resources and support can be a significant challenge. However, WinFire Business Services Ltd. is committed to changing that narrative. With a focus on developing management and governance capacity, WinFire aims to support the growth and sustainability of Indigenous businesses. Through their programs and services. WinFire is empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals, a mission that the team at the company holds dear.

Supporting Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs

WinFire administers the Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs (IWE) Program for Alberta Indian Investment Corporation. This initiative helps people launch or expand businesses by providing them with training, mentoring, seminars, and access to a micro-loan fund, among other services. These resources are designed to meet the specific needs of Indigenous women entrepreneurs, considering their unique history and environment.

Training, Mentoring and Coaching

WinFire also provides training, mentoring, and coaching services to Indigenous entrepreneurs. Their Indigenous Entrepreneur Training Program includes six 90-minute modules developed with MacEwan University. The program offers insights into successful business operations and helps entrepreneurs develop the skills and knowledge necessary for long-term success.

Research, Evaluation and Strategy Development

WinFire’s research, assessment, and planning services can benefit new start-ups and expanding businesses. These include wise practices research, feasibility assessments, business planning, and strategic planning. Through these services, entrepreneurs can clearly understand their business landscape and make informed decisions about their operations.

Assisting and Supporting Businesses

Apart from the aforementioned services, other ways in which WinFire helps businesses succeed include the provision of management advisory services, mentorship for new ventures, aid with proposal preparation, and project management support. These resources help entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business, ensuring that they have the support they need to succeed.

Meet the Team Behind WinFire’s Successes

WinFire’s team is made up of passionate individuals who are committed to supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs. Sammy Zoerb, Business Services Officer, manages the Indigenous Women Entrepreneur Program and delivers business advisory services and entrepreneurial training to Indigenous entrepreneurs across Alberta.

WinFire Business Services Ltd: A Mission to Foster Indigenous Entrepreneurship

Terry Coyes, Principal Consultant, has been proudly serving the Indigenous business community since 1997 and leads WinFire as an evaluative and creative thinker. Lonny Dubois, a business financing and advisory services specialist, brings over 19 years of experience to the team, helping Indigenous business owners succeed during various stages of their business lifecycle.

Empowering Indigenous Entrepreneurs

WinFire’s commitment to supporting the growth and sustainability of Indigenous businesses is making a real impact on Indigenous communities. By providing tailored resources and support, they are empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and contribute to their communities economic prosperity. With a focus on practical, effective, and affordable services, WinFire is creating a path to success for Indigenous entrepreneurs across Alberta.

With its commitment to service to the larger community and promoting Indigenous cultural heritage in Canada’s modern business landscape, WinFire is set to raise the standards of doing and promulgating businesses in a whole new but traditional way.

Do you want your business to succeed with a partner who shares your commitment to Indigenous values or your commitment to corporate ethics? Then WinFire is your answer. To learn more about this organization, pay a visit to their official website at

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