SOAR: Accelerating the Ascension of Indigenous Businesses Through Pre-Emptive Support

SOAR: Accelerating the Ascension of Indigenous Businesses Through Pre-Emptive Support

As the Canadian business landscape evolves and progresses with changing times, initiatives championing diversity and inclusivity play a crucial role in nurturing the growth of underrepresented entrepreneurs. SOAR, a grassroots Indigenous business accelerator is striving hard to pivot this movement, pioneering the unification and helping Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. 

The organization is a dynamic ecosystem that empowers Indigenous business owners, entrepreneurs, and industry partners. It is driven by Indigenous-led organizations and aligned industry partners working together to foster growth and development for both current and aspiring Indigenous business owners. SOAR’s 2023 flagship programs, presented by Square and BDC in collaboration with Futurpreneur, are rooted in Indigenous values and teachings. These programs aim to provide a supportive environment for Indigenous entrepreneurs to share, learn, and connect with one another.

Banding Indigenous Entrepreneurs at the SOAR Digital Gathering

One of the main goals of SOAR is to promote connections and collaboration among Indigenous entrepreneurs. The SOAR Digital Gathering, which is set to take place on September 21, 2023, is an innovative platform that aims to unite more than 1,500 makers, creators, and leaders. This event is open to all Indigenous entrepreneurs and is free of charge. It aims to provide a safe and inclusive environment where participants can share their experiences, gain insights from industry experts, and establish meaningful connections. 

The Digital Gathering provides a special opportunity for Indigenous entrepreneurs to come together, learn, and support each other, all while being guided by sacred teachings and fostering encouragement and friendship. It is a platform where they can grow and thrive collectively.

SOAR: Accelerating the Ascension of Indigenous Businesses Through Pre-Emptive Support

The SOAR Accelerator: Propelling High-Growth Indigenous Businesses

For high-growth Indigenous-led businesses seeking to achieve exceptional growth within the next 12 months, the SOAR Accelerator stands as a game-changer. The Accelerator also opens doors to significant supply chain opportunities, enabling Indigenous entrepreneurs to amplify their market presence and achieve unprecedented growth. As a result, participants in the SOAR Accelerator gain the resources and networks necessary to propel their businesses toward remarkable success.

Promoting Success and Economic Empowerment

SOAR’s mission is centred around a strong fervour to establish an empowering ecosystem for Indigenous entrepreneurs. SOAR ensures that participants are equipped with the tools they need to thrive sustainably by offering programs and resources that are grounded in Indigenous values and teachings. In addition to providing support to individual businesses, the efforts of SOAR also contribute to the larger objective of promoting economic empowerment within Indigenous communities. SOAR aims to promote Indigenous entrepreneurship, which in turn creates a ripple effect that has a positive impact on the economic landscape and future generations of Indigenous leaders.

SOAR: Accelerating the Ascension of Indigenous Businesses Through Pre-Emptive Support

The dedication of SOAR to helping Indigenous company owners succeed is indicative of a revolutionary trend in the corporate world. SOAR is a great example of the positive effects that may come from working together as a community and is driven by Indigenous-led organizations, entrepreneurs, and aligned industry partners. All members of the Indigenous business community will feel welcome at the 2023 flagship programs, which are delivered in partnership with Square, BDC, and Futurpreneur.

The SOAR Digital Gathering is a one-of-a-kind chance for Indigenous business owners to network, exchange ideas, and grow as a community. The Digital Gathering helps people develop and gain confidence by providing a safe and welcoming space for them to do so. The SOAR Accelerator is also revolutionary because it helps fast-growing Indigenous-led enterprises achieve new heights of success. Participating in the Accelerator equips businesses with the customized assistance, media exposure, and important buyer relationships they need to accomplish extraordinary growth and significantly increase their market presence.

Finally, SOAR aims to help Indigenous communities improve their economic standing. SOAR helps Indigenous leaders and their communities have a better future by creating an enabling environment and encouraging Indigenous entrepreneurship. As the trip continues, SOAR symbolizes optimism and advancement, demonstrating that collaborative efforts can bring about real, long-term improvement in the corporate world and beyond.

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