Revolutionizing Clean Beauty: The Story of Nancy and Anthony Wingham, Founders of Nuez Acres

Revolutionizing Clean Beauty: The Story of Nancy and Anthony Wingham, Founders of Nuez Acres
Image Courtesy: Nuez Acres

Indigenous traditions have a rich tapestry of skincare secrets and elixirs so potent and effective that were used by Indigenous women to maintain their youth and glowing skin. Anthony Wingham, together with his wife Nancy, set out on a mission to revolutionize the world of beauty by utilizing the incredible potential of pecan oil through their esteemed company, Nuez Acres. Their dedication to sustainability, ethical practices, and respect for traditional farming methods distinguish them in the beauty industry. Through this article, the Indigenous SME Magazine delves into the motivation and inspiration behind this skincare brand and how Nancy and Anthony are managing this successful business.

From Farm to Bottle: A Sustainable Journey 

Nancy’s background growing up on a Mexican farm fostered a strong admiration for traditional farming methods. This foundation established the basis for Nuez Acres, where every pecan is cultivated and carefully selected in her father’s orchard in Mexico, following sustainable practices. Through meticulous processing in British Columbia, every product is crafted with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. With a strong focus on sustainable sourcing and production methods, Nuez Acres is dedicated to delivering top-notch products while also championing local farmers and encouraging eco-conscious practices, specifically on the conservation of water in the Beauty Industry. 

Building a Legacy of Innovation and Family 

The establishment of Nuez Acres was driven by a desire to not only establish a business, but also to create a lasting legacy for their daughter, Sophia, and future generations. Drawn by her family’s business acumen and motivated by a yearning for independence and adaptability, Nancy and Anthony recognized a chance to revolutionize the beauty sector. Through the use of pecan oil, an underutilized resource in skincare, they have developed a distinctive product line that addresses a specific need in the market. Their journey as co-founders showcases the strength of working together, bouncing back from challenges, and striving towards a common goal.

Advocating for Change: More Than Just Skincare 

Nuez Acres is not only a pioneer in skincare products but also a force for transformation in the beauty sector. With a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, the company is dedicated to promoting a waterless beauty mission. By challenging industry norms, they are leading the way towards a more eco-conscious future. Their entrepreneurial journey highlights the significance of staying determined, being flexible, and having the bravery to question conventional norms. With Nuez Acres, Nancy and Anthony are dedicated to offering consumers high-quality products that are both effective and environmentally conscious while also spearheading a shift toward a more sustainable and ethical beauty industry.

Image Courtesy: Nuez Acres

The entrepreneurial trajectory of Nancy and Anthony Wingham, as expressed through Nuez Acres, exemplifies the convergence of innovation, sustainability, and tradition. Through their commitment to tradition, receptivity to new ideas, and dedication to driving progress, they have not only achieved remarkable success in their business but also established a powerful platform for making a significant difference in the beauty industry. With the growing importance placed on sustainability and ethical practices, Nuez Acres emerges as a shining example, providing products that are not only beneficial for the skin but also for the environment.

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Image Courtesy: Nuez Acres

Anthony Wingham, a driven entrepreneur and beauty pioneer, is reshaping the personal care landscape with Nuez Acres, a company he co­ founded with his wife, Nancy. Their mission : to offer natural, sustainable alternatives to conventional beauty products. Anthony ‘ s groundbreaking concept of water less beauty, infused with pure pecan oil, is catalyzing a profound shift in the industry. His fervor for crafting eco- luxe products at affordable prices inspires a global community to embrace greener lifestyles along side Nuez Acres . Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Anthony dedicates his time to mentoring Indigenous youth and cherishes moments with his family, embodying his commitment to both community and kin.

Nancy Wingham is a passionate entrepreneur and co-founder of Nuez Acres, a company committed to promoting sustainable and environmentally-friendly beauty practices. Born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico, Nancy brought her unique perspective and cultural heritage to Canada when she immigrated in 2007. In only a few short years, Nancy has made a name for herself in the beauty industry by co-founding Canada’s only Indigenous Pecan Oil Skincare line. Through her work at Nuez Acres, Nancy has demonstrated a keen understanding of the need for more responsible water use and conservation practices in the beauty industry. A skilled salesperson, Nancy has been instrumental in growing Nuez Acres into an award-winning beauty brand with a bright future. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to product development, marketing, and sales strategy, and is always looking for ways to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Nancy is devoted to her family and is a dedicated parent that strongly believes in the importance of balancing work and family life. Whether she is attending a trade show, promoting the Nuez Acres brand, or spending time with loved ones, Nancy always brings her passion and dedication to everything she does.

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