Pasos: Indigenous Style That Pays Tribute to Its Heritage

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Pasos Fashion Co. is not just any clothing line and accessories brand; it is a unique blend of vibrant colours, simplicity, and bold style, all of which reflect the brand’s Indigenous roots. Owned by a Canadian Hispanic Journalist, Erika Torrejon, who values diverse culture, authentic handcrafted goods, and sustainability. Pasos is dedicated to creating authentic artisan-crafted bags and apparel for everyday use while empowering women with bold yet vibrant style statements.

The Inspiration Behind Pasos: Peruvian Textile Traditions

The designs and vibrant colours of the Peruvian textile used in Pasos’ products are centuries-old representations of the natural environment, and they demonstrate the inspiration of Indigenous artisans. Each design is unique to the region where the textile is woven. The handbags are made of handwoven fabrics using sheep wool and alpaca fibres dyed naturally in both vibrant and earthly colours.

Artisan-Crafted Goods: Supporting Women and Empowering Communities

What sets Pasos apart is its commitment to supporting artisans and empowering women. Each bag is individually crafted by hand by an artisan family, and when you buy from Pasos, you will know exactly which family made your lovely accessory. The weavers come from rural areas around Cusco, the capital of the Incas, and other artisan groups that live in different communities of Ayacucho, Huancayo, Puno, and Cajamarca, inside the borders of Peru.

The brand prides itself on working directly with artisans, championing Fair-Trade standards, and paying living wages instead of resorting to forced or child labour. Pasos’s commitment to working in a safe environment and guaranteeing the 100% authenticity of each product is commendable and builds trust among its customers.

Authenticity and Sustainability: Pasos’ Ethical Approach to Fashion

Pasos is a company that promotes principles such as diversity, ingenuity, and women’s autonomy through its products. Its dedication to supporting its artists, promoting Fair-Trade practices, and helping the women in artisanal communities become financially independent is admirable and merits praise. The brand advocates sustainability not just for its products but for its artisans and patrons too.

Moreover, Erika’s Hispanic ancestry also inspired the name Pasos, which means “steps.” She strongly holds that the choices people make along the way are what ultimately shape their lives. Hence, Pasos is the first step toward changing lives one step at a time.

The Journey of Founder Erika: From Lima to Canada

Erika’s own journey of migrating over five thousand miles, the distance between Peru and Canada, started with one important step. This transition in Canada wasn’t an easy one, as she struggled with loneliness and alienation due to her foreign origins, limited knowledge of the English language, and no family members to support her. However, she soon found new interests and her husband; the couple is now settled in British Columbia and has two children.

Erika’s love for native Peru and the fashion industry is reflected in the name of her company, Pasos Fashion Co. Since the company supports Indigenous women in Peru’s artisanal communities and celebrates Indigenous designer heritage. And it is her conviction that Pasos’s story, like her own, will eventually turn out for the best.

If you want to add vibrant bright colours to your wardrobe, check out Pasos’ cool handmade artisanal bags and alpaca wool scarves. They’re absolutely incredible! Log on to their official website today and start ordering at

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