Kwasen Enterprises Ltd: Leading the Indigenous Renaissance in British Columbia

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As crises loom and close in on the world economy from all sides, there’s an escalating demand for alternative sources and companies that can provide sustainable solutions. It’s encouraging to see businesses in today’s rapidly changing world that are committed to both progress and continuity. 

Kwasen Enterprises Ltd., a 100% Indigenous-owned company founded by members of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, is one such company. The company is at the forefront of the contemporary Indigenous renaissance with a mission to encourage Indigenous people to achieve economic success and cultural self-determination. Kwasen is building a better, more equitable future for Indigenous communities and beyond through its innovative method of incorporating traditional, cultural, and historical knowledge into its projects. 

But before we further go into details about the different projects that Kwasen has undertaken, let’s first look into the company’s origins. Located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Kwasen Enterprises Ltd. was founded by Tsleil-Waututh Nation members Curtis Thomas and Dennis Thomas. The company aims to foster long-term economic growth while protecting and enhancing Indigenous peoples’ cultural heritage. Kwasen also objectively encourages Indigenous people to thrive whilst proudly expressing their cultures and looking to the future optimistically.

Building an Indigenous Ecosystem

Kwasen’s core values are rooted in traditional, cultural, and historical knowledge, incorporating environmentally sustainable practices, social responsibility, and empowering, employing, and training Indigenous members.

The ultimate goal of Kwasen is to encourage Indigenous peoples to succeed and advance while being culturally assertive, honouring both the past and the future. The company aims to spearhead the present Indigenous renaissance by laying the groundwork for the Indigenous Ecosystem and fostering its growth. Kwasen’s passion for promoting and protecting Indigenous heritage is shown by the company’s decision to include Indigenous peoples’ traditional, cultural, and historic wisdom in project discussions.

Founders’ Story

Curtis Thomas and Dennis Thomas grew up together on the Tsleil Waututh Nation reserve in North Vancouver. Inspired by the new age of economic independence that their Nation was striving to achieve, they also witnessed their elders fighting against companies profiting from fossil fuel extraction on their lands. These experiences have shaped their unique vision of how an Indigenous company can thrive from an economic and humanistic perspective in the 21st century.

Building a Foundation with Pride, Integrity and Passion

Sustainable economic development with a focus on Indigenous peoples is Kwasen’s top priority. The organization aligns with key partners to reach the best level in the construction and development sector while maintaining an Indigenous perspective and preserving cultural values. Kwasen helps Indigenous peoples become self-reliant and contributes back to the society to preserve its resources for future generations. Through community health and wellness initiatives, the organization also works to improve the quality of life for people of all backgrounds.

Kwasen is dedicated to creating a sustainable future that benefits the local community and the environment. The company has committed to decarbonization and supports using cutting-edge technology to improve fast-developing and community-benefiting building practices. Kwasen seeks to incorporate the robust cultural values of its forefathers, who have kept their people alive for thousands of years in British Columbia, with the infrastructure of the twenty-first century.

By the incorporation of sustainable methods and the empowerment of Indigenous individuals, Kwasen Enterprises Ltd. serves as a model for Indigenous economic growth. The company’s efforts to improve the lives of Indigenous people and communities are reflected in its passion for promoting and protecting the Indigenous legacy. Kwasen is well-positioned to be a beacon for Indigenous communities throughout British Columbia and beyond, as it promotes the values of dignity, authenticity, and professionalism.

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