Federal Procurement – Supporting Diverse Suppliers

Federal Procurement – Supporting Diverse Suppliers

Did you know that the Government of Canada and Public Services and Procurement Canada are striving to increase the participation of smaller and diverse businesses in federal procurement? Are you interested in learning how to sell your goods or services to the Government of Canada?

Procurement Assistance Canada (PAC), part of Public Services and Procurement Canada, can help! We are here to help smaller and diverse businesses access federal contracting opportunities. 

Through the Supplier Diversity Action Plan, we are committed to supporting supplier diversity and inclusive socio-economic growth. 

We have six regional offices across Canada that provide a range of services, including seminars and one-on-one consultations, to businesses who need support navigating the federal procurement process.

Coaching Service

Recently, PAC launched a coaching service to support business owners from diverse groups who have had limited success bidding on federal contracting opportunities. The coaching service allows them to connect one-on-one with a Procurement Assistance Canada coach and receive personalized support in navigating the bidding process. The goal of the coaching service is to provide the tools these businesses need to find, understand, and respond to procurement opportunities with the Government of Canada. 

Check out the coaching service to learn more about business eligibility and the application process.

An Action PAC-ked Small Business Month

Small Business Month is here, and Procurement Assistance Canada is excited to participate in events to support businesses across Canada. Interested in learning how to sell to the Government of Canada, explore small business support services, and find opportunities to grow your business? Check out these October events in our national calendar. Below is a sample list of events led by the Ontario Region PAC team. Many of these events are open to businesses across Canada.

Upcoming Procurement Assistance Canada Ontario Events
Toronto Global Forum: Francophone BusinessCANASA:
Security Canada ConferencePAC-OR Small Business Diversity Forum 2022
CanadianSME Small Business Summit
Ask PAC-OR Anything: Federal Procurement
19October 20October

On November 24-25, 2022, Procurement Assistance Canada Ontario Region will host the annual event: Government to Business (G2B) Information Fair and Workshops. This two-day virtual conference, which is open to businesses across Canada, will focus on small business support services, innovation, new programs and services, and supporting women-led businesses, through a mix of interactive presentations, panels, and networking opportunities. 

Interested in attending the G2B 2022 conference? Registration will be available soon. 

Similar events are taking place across Canada. Make sure to see our national calendar for more details.

How You Can Get Involved

PAC can help you understand how the government buys goods and services and how you can navigate the process to bid on federal contracting opportunities and grow your business. 

Contact Procurement Assistance Canada by email or using our national hotline (1-800-811-1148) if you have any questions. To reach the Ontario Region office, call 1-800-668-5378.

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