Donna Cona: Finding The Right People For The Job 

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Donna Cona is a full-service firm that provides its clients with sound business and technology advice and comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs. 

They serve clients with business planning, IT strategic planning; health services, program evaluation, custom application system development, technology architecture planning and implementation, IT operations, and help desk support. 

Their reputation for quality service and reliability has given clients the confidence to entrust them with their mission-critical problems, regardless of scale or location in Canada.

True To The Aboriginal Name 

Donna Cona is much more than just an Aboriginal name. They are the largest Aboriginal-owned and operated business and technology consulting service company in Canada. 

As a genuinely Aboriginal company, they are interested in creating a sustainable and diverse workforce of ambitious, professional, and skilled men and women.

The company was founded in 1996 and chose the name Donna Cona as they aspire daily to live up to the high qualities that embody the legacy of the great Aboriginal Chief Donnacona. These qualities set them apart from all other firms that offer business management services and information management technology solutions in Canada.

Their recruiting team identifies your unique skill needs and locates the team to complete your project, whether for short-term or long-term project support.

Donna Cona is an expert in: 

  • Experienced Consultants with years of expertise in technology and business processes who manage end-to-end implementations with project activities such as project management, requirements collecting, concept and interface design, testing, communications, and training.
  • Functional and Technical Specialists with specific expertise centred on industry products and experience in diverse environments.
  • Flexibility to handle specific project needs and implementation support for all project activities.

For their clients, they use a proven three-stage approach to manage their human resources. 

  • First, they find and choose the best candidates, deploy and manage them effectively, and transition and transfer them seamlessly as projects advance and their clients’ organizational needs change.
  • They perform essential functions reliably by drawing from a lengthy list of experienced professionals, selecting the most qualified individuals with particular skills for particular jobs, and rigorously vetting them to ensure they have the knowledge and abilities to perform at the highest levels possible. 
  • They deploy and manage professionals properly by ensuring all personnel on every project meet early performance objectives and perform at the highest level possible throughout all projects.

They have built a strong reputation for keeping excellent employees on board for the duration of long-term projects and ensuring that they have qualified workers accessible for specific, short-term assignments. They find the right fit by thoroughly understanding their clients’ requirements.

Understanding Business Needs

Donna Cona’s business solutions services focus on understanding the business need and assisting their clients to clearly define the business outcome, design the required system, and deliver the end product.

They possess a team of accomplished authorities in the critical aspects of enterprises’ business management services and information technology solutions. Their expertise in business management and information technologies gives their clients the means to improve their operations, reduce costs, and improve their services.

They provide clients with vital information and communications services across modern operational needs. They implement hardware and software products, troubleshoot existing and newly installed tools and methods, provide ongoing technical maintenance and technology support, and design and construct complex data and call centers.

They apply the most rigorous and proven engineering processes to plan, develop, and integrate high-technology systems for their clients. Their experience and expertise in using these processes enable them to define system requirements, model data and databases precisely, and implement applications in client-server and web-based frameworks.

They gain customer trust by providing exceptional service and being immediately responsive to their emerging and unanticipated needs. They maintain and nurture trust further by consciously understanding their clients’ challenges and ambitions, making the hurdles they face and goals they strive to reach their own.

Donna Cona values the practice of innovation every day. Their wide-ranging, in-depth knowledge of current and emerging information technologies empowers them to apply high-technology tools, applications, and systems for their customers in a variety of ways and a range of situations, from deploying specific blends of information technologies across organizations to developing customized high-tech applications to enable their clients to overcome specific business challenges and meet specific client outcomes.

They are a leader in their industry in Canada, which means doing great work consistently, staying innovative, and having the geographic reach to serve organizations across the country.

Donna Cona has set up complete technology network architectures and security services for their clients, from design to installation to management. For more information, visit their website at

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