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Beyond Buckskin is a website and business dedicated to showcasing, promoting, and selling the continent’s first artists and original designers. It was launched in 2009 by Jessica R. Metcalfe of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa. 

Beyond Buckskin encourages cultural appreciation, social relationships, authenticity, and creativity by taking inspiration from important historical and contemporary Native American clothing design and art. 

In addition, they support Native American artists and designers by increasing the quality of Native American fashion through education and offering a comprehensive platform for social engagement.

Beyond Buckskin boutique’s foundation is built on positive activism and a desire to share Indigenous cultures with the world through fashion design. Jessica began her venture with a blog website and expanded in 2012 to incorporate an online boutique.

Beyond Buckskin is a North Dakota brand dedicated to fostering creative small businesses in rural and urban regions by providing an online store where buyers can engage with Native American fashion designers and jewelry artisans.

They currently collaborate with over 40 artists and small businesses to bring their incredible and unique work to a wider audience. Their designers drive traditional Indigenous artistic techniques forward by incorporating ancient designs, natural materials, and cultural stories into modern fashion.

Beyond Buckskin, garments and accessories combine diversity, beauty, function, and tradition.

Communicating Her Ideas 

The founder of Beyond Buckskin, Dr. Jessica R. Metcalfe, holds a Ph.D. in American Indian Studies, focusing on art, education, and culture.

She completed her doctoral dissertation on Native American high fashion designers, a project that would lead her on a lifelong quest to support, promote, and work with Native American artists.

Launching the Beyond Buckskin blog was intended to communicate her dissertation research with individuals outside of academia. The blog launched in 2009, soon began gaining interest and eventually led to the development of a business, the Beyond Buckskin Boutique, in 2012.

In 2016, Beyond Buckskin opened their brick-and-mortar retail shop on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation, Jessica’s home community. 

Jessica continues to share her experience, challenges, and accomplishments through workshops, presentations, and keynote addresses while hosting and producing fashion shows and artistic events.

Beyond Buckskin team consists of Dillan Martin and Tyra Jerome, both belonging to Turtle Mountain Chippewa. 

Dillan joined Beyond Buckskin in 2016 and handles product photography and lookbook video projects. He is a film enthusiast who created a short thriller film based in the Turtle Mountains featuring Beyond Buckskin gear. 

Tyra was one of the first employees at Beyond Buckskin. She is a talented young beadwork artist and a natural leader who works at the store with the daily tasks and the numerous steps needed to reach their bigger goals. 

Beyond Buckskin focuses on Native American-made clothing and accessories by bringing ancient designs and natural materials. To learn more about their products and programs, visit the website at

Indigenous business ideas have always supported the empowerment of fellow artists in the community. To read more about the concept, subscribe to Indigenous SME Business Magazine and for the latest updates, check our Twitter page @IndigenousSme.

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