Best Cloud Services For SMEs in Canada

Best Cloud Services For SMEs in Canada

Cloud services refer to a broad range of products and services, such as platforms, infrastructure, or software, hosted by cloud providers and made available to customers online. They make it simple and economical for user data to move from front-end clients across the Internet to the provider’s systems and back. This can be achieved with a computer, an operating system, and an internet connection.

Small business owners can use cloud services to improve their operations without investing in additional hardware and manpower to run their businesses. Cloud services help keep the business upgraded and modernized without spending much money on upgrades. 

Here are five best cloud services helping SMEs in Canada

App Studio

App Studio is an innovative app design and development company trusted by leading global brands. A cut above the rest, they create unique digital experiences and scalable solutions, thereby inducing higher user engagement.

AppStudio has been a part of the mobile application development industry for over a decade and has witnessed changes, provoked them, and evolved with the flow of time. They leverage sustained advancements, process orientation, and R&D investments to stay at the forefront of innovation. App Studio is an established cloud service provider with a wide array of products and services that are globally acclaimed.

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7Edge is the Internet’s first company to enable the digital transformation of brands and businesses. Their strategic consulting services leverage the best internet trends and technologies for successful business outcomes, and their experts help make insightful decisions and achieve sustainable results.

7EDGE considers the Internet the heart of their operations and believes that the Internet can be a game-changing phenomenon for your enterprise in today’s global business landscape. They are committed to impacting brands and businesses by enabling their Internet journeys through strategic consulting services that align with the best Internet trends and technologies.

To expand your business capabilities in an age of rapid digitalization and globalization, visit 7Edge at

Relevant Software

Relevant Software is an international software development company that designs, builds, and delivers world-class standard products for Fortune 500 companies and promising startups. They unite outstanding professionals wherever they are in the world. Their remote-first culture, well-built processes, and transparent communication lead to solving business challenges most effectively. In addition, they ensure their employees are provided with tools and resources to stay relevant in a fast-changing world.

They work with a mission to help businesses and startups build the right products cost-efficiently and scale their engineering teams with the relevant expertise. Their value-based work culture strives to achieve maximum efficiency and increase productivity with the fewest resources.

To get game-changing insights on technology, the future of work, and management, visit Relevant Software at

Nile Bits

Nile Bits is a software company that outsources software development and custom software solutions. Their outsourcing software services and solutions focus on secure, scalable, expandable, and reliable business systems. Their low-cost and high-quality outsourcing software services provide clients with value for money and satisfaction.

They receive, analyze, and manage company requirements to provide suitable software solutions that help businesses. In addition, they offer custom software solutions on any scale as they employ the powers of different technologies and combine them seamlessly. 

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Best Cloud Services For SMEs in Canada
Cabot Technology Solutions

Cabot Technology Solutions is a value-based product engineering IT firm delivering high-value and robust solutions using state-of-the-art technologies. They have over a decade-long track record of successful projects across various industry domains, technologies, and areas of expertise in Canada and the United States.

Cabot’s team of planners, project managers, developers, designers, and testers have delivered over 500 projects across several industry sectors for diverse clients. They envision providing premium software solutions that are the perfect amalgam of design, coding, and integration that have remained a key driver of Cabot’s growth.

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Small business owners can benefit from these cloud service companies’ expertise and knowledge to maintain their business efficiently and relevant to the fast-changing market trends and operations. In addition, through their digitalized applications, cloud services help ease the burden of managing IT systems and offer software options that automate most business operations that typically need time and effort from the human side. 

Small businesses must utilize all the means that help them optimize business operations. To know more about these options, subscribe to CanadianSME Small Business Magazine For the latest updates, visit our Twitter page at @Indigenous-SME

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