AFOA Canada: Promoting Best Practices For Indigenous Community

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AFOA Canada is the centre for excellence for Indigenous management, finance and governance.

Centre of Excellence 

With an emphasis on improving management, financial, and governance practices and skills, AFOA Canada was established in 1999 as a not-for-profit organization with the mission of assisting Indigenous people in better managing and governing their communities and organizations.

AFOA Canada believes that one of the keys to effective self-determination, resulting in a better life for Canada’s Indigenous people and a brighter future for the upcoming generation, lies in the improvement of the management abilities of those in charge of the stewardship of Indigenous resources.

In the 20 years of operation in the field, AFOA Canada has established itself as the centre for excellence and innovation in Indigenous management, finance, and governance. It is the only organization in Canada that focuses on daily assisting Indigenous professionals who work in management, finance, band administration, leadership, and program management while building their skills.

Their mission is to create a professional community by recognizing and assisting people, groups, and communities on their path to management competence, professional certification, and self-reliance.

They work based on the value of 

  • Relevance: Responding to the needs and interests of members and communities
  • Integrity: Safeguarding the trust placed in them
  • Excellence: Strengthening impact through high-quality standards
  • Innovation: Creating change that is positive, valued and applied
  • Collaboration: Building relationships, addressing issues, and meeting needs

Fulfilling Their Mandate

AFOA Canada is committed to its purpose and works multiple ways to fulfill its mission. They build the capacity to enhance competency and skill development in leadership, program management, general management, and financial management.

AFOA Canada publishes the Journal of Aboriginal Management (JAM), Canada’s only professional Indigenous management, finance, and governance journal. In addition, they provide professional development training and work toward developing Indigenous financial management, accounting, and reporting standards. 

They certify Indigenous Financial Managers, Professional Administrators, and Indigenous Leaders and strive to promote excellence and professionalism in Indigenous communities and organizations. 

AFOA Canada encourages Indigenous youth to pursue a career in the finance and management professions and provides a forum to support their members by sharing knowledge and experience. 

They serve the professional needs of their members to help their organizations and communities maximize resources, strengthen decision-making and governance, improve the delivery of programs and services, and satisfy accountability requirements. In addition, they strive to enhance their skills and knowledge,  grow professionally, and progress in their careers.

AFOA membership spans the country from the Pacific to the Atlantic to the Arctic. Their members are leaders in their communities, organizations, and companies and are bound by their commitment to financial and management excellence. 

AFOA’s strategic objectives for 2018-2023 are to deliver services to members, support professional Indigenous public service, enhance community readiness, and fulfill governance responsibilities. 

AFOA Canada is building a community of professionals. For more information about their programs and works, visit their website at

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