Indigenous Export program: Hand-Holding Indigenous Businesses Toward Prosperity & Burgeoning 

Indigenous Export program: Hand-Holding Indigenous Businesses Toward Prosperity & Burgeoning

A country’s overall progress is measured by the economic condition of its minority groups. This is why Canada has decided to help its Indigenous community set up scalable and profitable businesses to contribute to the Canadian economy. But where do you find such resources to help you expand your business to the International market?

The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) runs an Indigenous Export program that gives Canadian Indigenous-owned enterprises a leg up when entering new international markets. This initiative prioritizes helping Indigenous business owners by providing a wide variety of resources for them to expand internationally, build connections, and encourage diversity in the supply chain. These programs help Indigenous companies successfully negotiate the challenges of exporting and compete on a global scale.

Export Funding for Growth and Success

Thanks to the Indigenous Export Program’s services and support initiatives, Indigenous business owners receive the tools they need to take advantage of international expansion prospects. Businesses can obtain support to manage their finances in several ways, such as through business loans and government grants. Women and Indigenous people are two examples of underrepresented groups that would benefit from the program’s allocation of resources to their companies. 

CanExport, for instance, provides financial assistance to Canadian companies on the lookout for novel export markets. Market access in places that recognize certification, such as the United States, is facilitated by CanExport funds covering the yearly supplier diversity certification expenses for enterprises owned by women, Indigenous peoples, visible minorities, and 2SLGBTQI+ people beginning in 2022.

Global Networking via Trade Shows and Delegations

By coordinating overseas trade trips and events with the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), the Indigenous Export program helps Indigenous-owned businesses gain access to previously inaccessible global markets. The relationships made during these excursions are what ultimately lead to the success of Indigenous firms on a global scale. Indigenous business owners can boost their market share by participating in trade missions and events where they can network with like-minded individuals and learn about the dynamics of global markets and how to capitalize on them.

Fostering Diversity in the Supply Chain

The program actively encourages supplier diversity by incentivizing Indigenous firms to get certification as Indigenous-owned. Accreditation opens the door to lucrative contracts for these firms with government agencies and Fortune 500 organizations. Increased competitiveness in local and international markets may be achieved via supplier variety, which benefits Indigenous enterprises. The Indigenous Export program helps qualifying Indigenous enterprises become certified because it knows that having a diverse pool of suppliers is good for business and helps the economy flourish.

Canada’s Indigenous business community would not be where it is now without the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) and its Indigenous Export program. The initiative helps Indigenous enterprises succeed in foreign markets by providing critical export finance, arranging international trade trips, promoting supplier diversity, and encouraging Indigenous entrepreneurship. Indigenous business owners can boldly broaden their horizons, create meaningful connections, and make an impact on the global stage by working together and thinking beyond the box.

The Indigenous Export program’s focus on increasing Indigenous peoples’ economic involvement indicates the government’s efforts to promote broadly shared prosperity and fortify Canada’s economic foundations. By taking advantage of this program, Indigenous enterprises may continue to promote Indigenous culture, tradition, and enterprise while positively impacting the global economy.

Indigenous Export program: Hand-Holding Indigenous Businesses Toward Prosperity & Burgeoning

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