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Vision and Mission

When it comes to creating a platform where small and medium-sized business owners can connect and find resourceful information, CanadianSME has been very successful. Through our team of experts and extensive research, no one is better placed to understand the needs of small businesses. Not only have we been able to fill the gap when it comes to giving business owners exclusive information that is important for their success, but with their help and the help of business experts, CanadianSME is now well-known among many business owners in Canada! However, there is still room for improvement. Although CanadianSME is well known for promoting diversity and inclusiveness, we realized we came up short in promoting indigenous-owned businesses from Canada.

It may be a surprise to realize that indigenous-owned businesses contribute approximately $30 billion annually to Canada’s economy. Therefore, this community which has well over 50,000 businesses, is without a doubt the backbone that drives our nation’s prosperity. The Indigenous community is a crucial part of our business industry, and it’s our responsibility to provide them with all the resources we can to contribute to their success. We at CanadianSME understand how important it is to provide an outlet for these companies who deserve just as much recognition as any other business.

Our mission is to ensure that every indigenous person has access, knowledge and resources at their fingertips. Educating them about how to start any kind of business in Canada- whether it’s for-profit or not, is our goal and the best way to achieve it is by providing access, resources and tools that can help with their success!

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Our Goal

There have been many aspects that have been identified as challenges for Indigenous entrepreneurs and SMEs when it comes to helping them grow their business: finding employees with the right skills and qualifications, access to equity or capital, government policy, rules and regulations, access to financing, input costs, infrastructure needs. CCAB has also been told that access to business networks and a lack of mentorship opportunities hold back Indigenous business growth. These are just some of the many challenges that they face on a regular basis.

Our ultimate goal is to give these Indigenous entrepreneurs a curriculum that includes everyone and helps them learn in a productive way. We have plans for a wide spectrum of activities, from reading to networking and everything in between! We strongly believe that this initiative will be the beginning of what it takes to ensure the success of the Indigenous business industry in Canada.

Indigenous entrepreneurs are just as innovative and hard-working, if not more so, than their nonnative counterparts. Because they have to constantly fight for recognition in an industry that is already dominated by people with money or influence, they need to work twice as hard to be innovative. The Canadian Indigenous SME Magazine wants to bring more attention to these voices and help them get heard. It also has articles about how small businesses can do well. Additionally, our events provide a platform where indigenous business owners get the opportunity to share their success stories, which can encourage other Indigenous entrepreneurs to start their businesses while having a complete understanding and knowledge of any challenges they might face and how to overcome them to be successful in the long run.

What Indigenous SME magazine will do for Indigenous entrepreneurs?

There are many benefits that a Canadian Indigenous SME magazine will have for entrepreneurs. Not only will it give them the resources and knowledge they need to help them thrive in their business endeavours, but every issue of this publication will also include articles about developing and growing businesses from First Nations Inuit and Metis persons, as well as insights from industry experts themselves!

The Indigenous Magazine will provide a platform for Indigenous entrepreneurs and business owners to share their stories with the world. Each article is designed specifically around Aboriginal topics and features content that sheds light on entrepreneurship development and challenges to succeed.

By helping indigenous people, we can create a sustainable future for their community. Supporting these businesses benefits everyone!

Why are indigenous businesses important?

Indigenous businesses are more than just local services providing goods and services. They create employment opportunities for Indigenous people in the community and provide an essential part of their culture through creativity, tradition, and spirituality. Recent studies have revealed that nearly four in ten Indigenous small and medium-sized businesses employ at least one Indigenous individual.

Indigenous businesses are leaders in environmental sustainability. By respecting the land, they are ensuring that future generations will be able to benefit from it. Indigenous business leaders have also been known to invest in social development projects, like giving money to help students get scholarships or funding sports programs for young people.

When Indigenous businesses succeed, the economic empowerment of communities can lead to a more prosperous future. The reason why so many indigenous communities choose entrepreneurship as a career path isn’t just because it increases income levels, but it also provides an opportunity within these areas.

Indigenous businesses have the potential to be key to Canada’s economic recovery. However, this will only be possible if we collaborate with Indigenous nations toward reconciliation. By working together and promoting indigenous businesses, we will be one step closer to ensuring the growth and success of our country’s economy.

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