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The Weaving Wellness Centre and its volunteers are dedicated to mental health innovation and education. In addition, they endeavor to contribute and create positive change to the understanding of wellness and healing within individuals, communities, and national spaces.


Weaving Wellness recognizes the significance of stories. It is a medium that we develop to make sense of our identities, experiences, and lives by weaving together important events in time. Weaving Wellness think that story is essential to the processes of transformation, growth, and healing, and they urge their clients to consider the stories they want to tell about themselves and their life.


They recognize that health and wellness exist on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Therefore, they centre their work on these four interconnected components of the self, family, and community and bring this perspective to their therapeutic methods and projects.


They believe each person possesses a sacred fire or spirit and unique qualities and abilities that we are destined to explore, develop, and share with the world around us. Weaving Wellness believes that every person’s existence has meaning and purpose and that part of their work as healers is to assist their clients in nurturing the sacredness of self.


Weaving Wellness places a high value on the relationships formed between their clients and their community of practitioners. Relationships are essential to their work, and they demonstrate respect and teamwork in everything they do. They believe that healing can occur in the setting of trusted and secure relationships, and they make a great effort to develop and honor the client-helper relationship.


Weaving Wellness is a social justice-focused centre that strives to be anti-racist, feminist, and queer-positive in everything they do. They take a systems approach to mental health and wellness, recognize the influence of that complex element, and inform their experiences and affect their well-being.

Areas of Work

  • Individual and Group Psychotherapy

Weaving Wellness provides help for those seeking to explore, process and grow from personal experiences through therapy

  • Education and Training

Organizations looking for educational or training initiatives for their teams should take advantage of the practitioners and consultants at the Centre’s professional educational talks, presentations, and workshops on various subjects related to mental health, wellness, and Indigenous health.

  • Consulting and Facilitation

For those who are engaging in work related to mental health and well-being, Indigenous health, and other projects that require experienced facilitation within group settings

  • Professional and Community Circles

For Métis and other Indigenous-identified individuals interested in building and strengthening relationships and professional ties, Weaving Wellness is engaged in various community projects and initiatives, including the Métis Mental Health Helpers Circle and the Weaving Wellness Teachings Circle.

The Weaving Wellness Centre’s logo depicts numerous strands of thread being weaved together to form a stronger and more cohesive whole. The many colors reflect the diverse individuals from all walks of life with whom they work and interact. 

Their circle of care includes a variety of mental health providers, including psychotherapists and social workers. They create and hold space for you to explore, reflect on, and heal from difficult periods and events in your life. They are continuously looking for ways to help and empower you as you weave stories of development and regeneration.

Attaining well-being also entails learning how to live life effectively each day by discovering and participating in activities that promote wellness. In addition to taking substantial steps to safeguard and care for yourself. This is essential in the pursuit of happiness and personal development.

Weaving Wellness Centre employs a variety of therapeutic approaches in their work that are aligned with the hopes and aspirations of their clients’ needs and goals. To learn more about their services, visit their website at https://www.weavingwellness.ca/

Mental health is a wellness priority that everyone must keep at the forefront. To read more about these services and providers, subscribe to Indigenous SME Business Magazine and for the latest updates, check our Twitter page @IndigenousSme.

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