Tea Horse: Reviving Indigenous Culture Through Artisanal Tea

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Tea Horse is an Indigenous-owned artisanal tea company located in Northwestern Ontario that offers a unique selection of custom-roasted wild rice and tea blends. Founded in 2017 by Denise Atkinson, an Ojibwe woman, and her partner Marc H. Bohémier, Tea Horse is more than just a tea company; it is a way to revive and celebrate Indigenous culture.

Tea Horse has revolutionized the market with its unique roasting technique and innovative mixes that use real, native ingredients. ManoominChaTM, ManoominChaTM Dark, and ManoominaaboTM Tisane are Tea Horse’s three trademark blends, each with its own distinct flavour profile and perfect for any tea connoisseur. But Tea Horse is more than just a high-quality beverage. It’s a chance to learn about indigenous peoples, aid local economies, and spread awareness about organic agricultural methods.

Reviving Indigenous Culture Through Tea

For centuries, wild rice has been a staple food for the Anishinaabeg People in Northwestern Ontario. However, the tradition of using wild rice in tea was nearly lost until Atkinson and Bohémier launched Tea Horse. Their proprietary roasting process brings out the nutty, earthy flavours of wild rice and creates a unique blend that is both delicious and authentic.

Tea Horse is an Indigenous revitalization and celebration movement, not merely a tea business. An integral aspect of Anishinaabe culture is being kept alive and shared with the world thanks to Tea Horse, which combines traditional ingredients with a passion for producing high-quality tea.

Spices and Herbs to Suit Every Palate

Tea Horse offers three signature blends, each with a unique flavour profile. ManoominCha™ combines the sweet, grassy notes of green tea with the aroma and nutty characteristics of wild rice. Lightly caffeinated, this blend is perfect for a midday pick-me-up.

ManoominChaTM Dark is a roasted green tea and wild rice combination that delivers a full-bodied, mocha-flavoured experience, perfect for people who like a bolder, more complex flavour. The light amount of caffeine in this mix makes it ideal for a cup of tea first thing in the morning.

ManoominaaboTM Tisane is an excellent alternative to coffee if you want a caffeine-free beverage. Toasted chestnut flavour permeates this tisane prepared solely from roasted wild rice. Not only is it wonderful, but it also has zero caffeine, making it ideal for a relaxing cup of tea before bed.

Tea as It Should Be

Authenticity is crucial at Tea Horse. The best ingredients, such as wild rice grown by local Anishinaabe farmers, go into each and every one of their blends. When you buy from Tea Horse, you’ll be helping out the local Indigenous people and getting the word out about sustainable agricultural methods.

When you buy tea from Tea Horse, you’re not simply supporting a business; you’re also connecting with Indigenous culture. By purchasing tea from Tea Horse, consumers not only help a worthy cause but also get to indulge in a delectable brew.

Tea Horse is a distinctive and authentic tea company that infuses each cup with indigenous culture. Tea Horse is more than a tea company; its commitment to quality and authenticity allows it to support local communities and promote sustainable agricultural practices. Tea Horse has something for everyone, whether they prefer a mild, vegetal taste or a rich, complex concoction. So why not think outside the teapot and try Tea Horse today?

Intrigued by the yummy flavours already? Check out the different brews on Tea Horse’s official website at https://www.teahorse.ca/about-us/

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