Shop Métis Inc.: Making Metis Shopping Fun and Simple 

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Shop Metis is a Canadian Metis business amplifier that brings together Metis businesses to give consumers the ability to shop for all their requirements. 

It makes finding and shopping Metis fun and easy. Their mission is to grow a strong and resilient Metis economy by amplifying Metis businesses of all shapes and sizes. They create a boundary-free marketplace for all things Metis. 

Shop Métis offers free, fun, and engaging ways to discover Metis businesses, optimizing the customer experience across the platform and making it rewarding to shop Metis.

Using innovative marketing and networking strategies, they help to grow a strong and resilient Métis economy by enhancing the strength and resiliency of Métis businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Shop Metis uses various methods to amplify reach and impact through integrated marketing strategies.

  • Simple, recognizable branding
  • Social media engagement
  • Email and the newsletter campaign
  • Paid digital advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Analytics and heat mapping
  • Building integrated Metis supply chains
  • Fostering unique Metis products and service collaboration
  • Growing strategic partnership with a ‘no wrong door’ approach to support business support

Shop Métis believes that Métis businesses are strongest when working together. Their Shop Métis Business Directory brings together Métis businesses of all shapes and sizes, giving consumers the ability to Shop Métis for all their needs with just a few easy clicks.

Their Métis Business Finder connects with hundreds of Shop Métis Businesses with just a few easy clicks. 

To register in Shop Métis Inc., businesses must demonstrate being at least 51% owned by a person of Métis heritage and provide proof of the owner’s Métis heritage. 

Making A Positive Difference 

Benjamin Robitaille is the founder and CEO of Shop Métis Inc. He is a proud Métis Nation resident from Penetanguishene, Ontario, with ancestors from the ancient Upper Great Lakes Métis Community on Drummond Island.

Ben is a self-taught web designer who has grown and refined his skills by working alongside his small business partners to create an engaging online presence they can be proud of. 

He approaches his projects with a mindset of meaning and practicality, identifying and bringing to life the unique beauty of each small business partner and focusing on creating the tools and presence that will help them thrive the most. Ben strives to make a positive difference and supports his business partner through his enterprise.

Through Shop Métis, Ben hopes to support and amplify Métis small business success and help create a thriving Métis economy that creates shared prosperity for Métis citizens everywhere.

The Métis Voyageur Development Fund facilitated Ben’s first Métis small business connection, which set him on his pathway of partnership and shared prosperity.

Shop Métis Inc.’s mission is to become Canada’s leading Métis business amplifier. To learn more about their programs and services, visit their website at

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