Paws-itively Impactful: The Story of Indigenous-Owned K9 Training Company

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Indigenous cultural values hold great significance in today’s world, with more and more individuals and companies recognizing the importance of incorporating these values into their business practices. One such company that’s setting precedence in attaining perfection is CairnHeart K9 Training, an Indigenous-owned business based in Richmond, BC, that offers a range of dog training programs using science-based, force-free, and positive methods.

At CairnHeart K9 Training, the company’s Indigenous heritage plays a significant role in its approach to training dogs. The company’s owner, Shelley Cherkowski, is committed to promoting Indigenous culture and values through her business. Shelley’s passion for dog training and her dedication to using positive reinforcement methods have earned her a reputation as one of the most skilled and compassionate dog trainers in the region.

A Passionate and Skilled Dog Trainer

Shelley Cherkowski is an Indigenous woman entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to teaching and training dogs with science-based, force-free, and positive techniques. With over 30 years of experience in a variety of settings, Shelley has become a renowned figure in the dog training community. She is a Certified K9 Nose Work Instructor, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and a Certified Trick Dog Instructor.

Shelley has a strong passion for teaching and learning, and she invests hundreds of hours annually in various courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences to remain current and expand her knowledge. Over 120 titles in various dog sports, including Earthdog, Tracking, Barnhunt, Sprinter, Rally, Tricks, and K9 Nose Work, are the result of her dedication to her craft. Shelley, as a Cairn Terrier owner, has achieved numerous firsts for her breed in a variety of sports.

A Positive and Fun Learning Environment

Shelley is the Head Instructor of CairnHeart K9 Training. The company offers K9 Nose Work classes, private lessons, Tricks for Fun, Tricks for Foundations classes, and Rally Obedience. Shelley maintains that teaching canines and their owners should be stimulating, enjoyable, and risk-free. During training, she always prioritizes the welfare of both the dog and the handler. That can only be accomplished using techniques that are beneficial to both the dog and the human.

At CairnHeart K9 Training, both dogs and their owners are treated to an upbeat and enjoyable educational experience. The method used by the firm is grounded on research and uses positive reinforcement to strengthen the link between dog and owner. Shelley and her crew provide individualized training plans for each dog and owner.

Impacting the World Around You in an Effective Way

CairnHeart K9 Training is dedicated to doing more than simply dog training; it is a socially conscious firm. CairnHeart K9 Training is committed to advancing Indigenous interests as an Indigenous-owned business. Shelley and her crew are big supporters of community events, and they often give back to Indigenous organizations by donating a percentage of their earnings.

For those struggling with emotional or psychological challenges, CairnHeart K9 Training has developed a unique curriculum called “Healing Paws,” which includes K9 Nose Work lessons. Many people’s lives have been improved by the program’s emphasis on the therapeutic relationship between humans and dogs.

CairnHeart K9 Training is a company that is improving the lives of dog owners and trainers alike. Dog owners seeking the best for their pets can bring them to CairnHeart K9 Training, which provides a stimulating and rewarding learning environment and is dedicated to adopting science-based, force-free, positive training techniques.

So if you’re a loving dog parent and look out for the well-being of your pooch, then visit the official website of CairnHeart K9 at

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