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Home to many important organizations, whether government or private, and known for its inclusivity, Ontario is the largest and probably the busiest province in Canada. Famous for its rich and varied heritage, Ontario boasts one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Not only is it a safe haven for entrepreneurs and business owners, but also a unique pedestal for furthering the growth of multi-cultural businesses. With enticing government and private resources at their disposal, business owners flock to this province to establish a firm ground for their individual ventures.Learn more about Ontario here: https://www.ontario.ca/page/government-ontario

ontario chamber of commerce

Ontario Chamber of Commerce

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) is the indispensable partner of business and Canada’s largest, most influential provincial chamber. It is an independent, non-profit advocacy and member services organization. 

ontario chamber of commerce

Canadian Federation of Independent Business

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is the country’s champion of small business. With over 97,000 members, we’re Canada’s largest non-profit organization devoted to creating and supporting an environment where your business can succeed.

ontario chamber of commerce

City of Toronto

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and the business hub of Canada. Since the March of 2020, there have been several changes in how small businesses functioned. For many, it was a pretty rough phase, and the subsequent few waves of the pandemic only made matters worse.

ontario chamber of commerce

Trade Commissioner

Canada.ca is the Government of Canada’s digital presence. The goal of this site is to make it easier for Canadians to find and understand Government of Canada information and services.

ontario chamber of commerce

National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association

NACCA, the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association, is a network of over 50 Indigenous Financial Institutions (IFIs) dedicated to stimulating economic growth for all Indigenous people in Canada. The IFI network has provided 50,000 loans totaling $3 billion to businesses owned by First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people.

ontario chamber of commerce

Natural Resources Canada

We recognize the unique opportunity clean fuels present for Indigenous businesses and communities and encourage Indigenous participation on all projects. We have designed a distinct process with measures to increase funding of Indigenous-led clean production capacity projects in Canada.

ontario chamber of commerce


Pauktuutit is the national non-profit organization representing all Inuit women in Canada. Its mandate is to foster a greater awareness of the needs of Inuit women, and to encourage their participation in community, regional and national concerns in relation to social, cultural and economic development.

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