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Composed of many Canadian arctics’ archipelagos, Nunavut is one of the sparsely populated provinces of Canada. Famous for the art and craft of its indigenous people, many of the small islands of this province are only accessible by boats and buses.  Among its economic assets, the fishing industry and mineral resources/mining industry plays a very important role. Many businesses in the area function around these industries and with proper aid from the right sources, they not only excel but also flourish at their businesses. 


Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce

Representing the concerns of the businesses in Nunavut, the Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce’s mission “is a non-partisan organization established to foster, promote and improve business development in a responsible manner while providing value to members through benefits, partnerships, communications, advocacy and initiatives.” The Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce promotes a healthy economic climate by providing benefits and resources to all its members. In order to find out more, you can visit the official website by clicking on the link provided here

Canadian Federation of Independent Business

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is another excellent option to turn to when you feel you need some help with your small-scale business in Nunavut. Dedicated to helping small firms and entrepreneurs, CFIB is the largest non-profit organization with more than 95,000 members. 

The CFIB plays a vital role in advocating for small-scale businesses, whether with the government or politicians. Additionally, they provide specific business tools and practical resources plus on-call counsellors if you still have a doubt. You can get more information by clicking on the link provided above!  

Iqaluit Chamber of Commerce

The capital of Nunavut, Iqaluit is famous for its tundra valleys and ice-capped mountains. Working hard to keep the economy going, the businesses in Iqaluit hugely depend upon the tourism industry as well. To help these business owners get the right tools in order to function properly, the Iqaluit Chamber of Commerce represents their interests to the federal government. Acting as a bridge between the government and entrepreneurs, the Iqaluit Chamber of Commerce “ensures that the needs of Iqaluit businesses are being met.” To find more information about the same, please visit the official website by clicking here.

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