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Many Chief Consulting Ltd is a 100% Indigenous-owned business consulting firm offering a wide range of services focusing on community and small businesses using a respectful and responsible approach.

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They specialize in business and tourism development, Indigenous relations, planning, marketing, fundraising, and events. They have over 20 years of combined experience working with Indigenous communities and business owners across Canada. Their expertise can help turn your opportunity into a profitable reality.

Many Chief Consulting Ltd. is based in Alberta but provides services across Canada to Indigenous communities, organizations, and businesses, in a wide range of consulting and planning services. 

Through term contracts, they offer services to clients and support their success, including Indigenous communities, entrepreneurs, and various levels of government. These services include: 


Creating ideas, projects, programs and activities to support the community and entrepreneurs in developing successful businesses. This entails increasing revenues and profits, expanding the business, forming strategic alliances, and making strategic business decisions.


Researching relevant data and connecting to key knowledge keepers to produce strategic plans designed to be straightforward and activated to reach the identified client goals. Creating planning solutions suited for the culture and supporting the strategic vision of their customer.


Collaborate with clients to gain financial support for projects through the development of project plans and grant applications.


Strategically developing communications plans to guide and direct in effectively delivering key messages and information to target audiences. The plan will confirm the purpose and value of a new project, identify the communications channels to be used and support the partners involved.


Bridging cultures and delivering understanding through an authentic Indigenous perspective of respect and meaningful partnership.


Creating successful Indigenous tourism experiences to respond to the growing market demand. Balancing business opportunity with operator potential and community support to deliver memorable customer service while exceeding visitor expectations.


Supporting and establishing financial management processes and plans for small businesses allows the business operator to concentrate on their customers and clients. In addition, they work with clients to build sound business plan budgets and projections.


Delivering exceptional events, workshops, community outreach and training sessions that engage, inform and inspire a wide range of participants and partners.


Build awareness designed to lead to real sales by understanding a business’s target audience, expectations, and path to purchase. Focusing on developing marketing & sales channels for clients to assist in connecting with their target market.


Developing targeted and effective marketing content to build audience engagement, awareness and interest.

Supporting Community Business

Tarra Wright Many Chief is a member of the Blood Tribe and the Blackfoot Confederacy. As the owner, Chief Executive Officer, and consultant of Many Chief Consulting Ltd., she is passionate about working with Indigenous communities to deliver projects and programming that support community businesses and capacity development. 

Tarra graduated with a Bachelor of Management from the University of Lethbridge in 2012, focusing on accounting and First Nations governance. Following her education, she worked in Indigenous Relations in the Oil and Gas Industry, business development and strategic planning in the small business sector and Indigenous tourism, and event planning in the Indigenous employment and tourism industries. 

Tarra also recently launched an Indigenous tourism business in Alberta called Many Chief Tours, which shares Blackfoot history and culture with visitors responsibly and respectfully. She is grateful for the opportunity to work within the local aboriginal communities and enjoys the opportunity to give back to the community.

Many Chief Consulting Ltd. is based in Alberta and British Columbia, with an eye for new challenges and a commitment to continue supporting Indigenous businesses’ growth by working with Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs.

Many Chief Consulting Ltd. is an Indigenous-owned business consulting firm offering a wide range of services focusing on community and SME. For more information, visit the website at

Indigenous businesses are exploring the possibilities that the economy opens with the assistance and support of consulting agencies. To read more about these topics, subscribe to Indigenous SME Business Magazine and for the latest updates, check our Twitter page @IndigenousSme.

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