Lawrence Lewis: Owning the Digital Indigenous Space  

Lawrence Lewis: Owning the Digital Indigenous Space

Lawrence Lewis is a We Wai Kai Nation member on Vancouver Island. As an educator, political activist, policy writer, and environmentalist, Lawrence has devoted his professional life to working with First Nation peoples. His areas of expertise include First Nation elections, governance, project management, human resource management, economic development, and organizational leadership and success.

He has dedicated his professional life to addressing cultural and socioeconomic issues, supporting Indigenous groups in protecting their rights, and strengthening their communities. Lawrence founded OneFeather in 2014 with the goal of developing digital solutions for First Nations, giving them a communications platform to discuss important topics, fostering community involvement, and building strong, empowered, and unified nations.

The Digital Initiative Called OneFeather

OneFeather is an Indigenous technology company that offers online Status Card Services, APP and PAY Banking Solutions, and Digital Voting for Nations Elections, sowing the seeds of Indigenous sovereignty in the digital age. With more than 370,000 managed memberships, they help more than 240+ First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities across the nation.

OneFeather’s technology addresses institutional biases, racism, and other hurdles that exist between institutions and the government. Their work and initiatives ensure value addition, celebrate and empower Indigenous digital identity, and uplift people. 

Through his initiatives, Lewis is working to position OneFeather as a leading player in the digital space, with a vision of a business based on Indigenous thought and identity and leading conversations on being sensitive to Indigenous issues. 

OneFeather wants to take ownership of the digital space by promoting Indigenous values, principles, and perspectives. They are leaders in election and voting services, encrypted and secure digital secret ballot voting technologies, member register management, community engagement, governance, and policy, prioritizing accessibility, transparency, and data sovereignty. 

Nation Services Of OneFeather

OneFeather is reimagining the Indigenous experience through innovation and tradition as an Indigenous technology company, sowing the seeds of sovereignty in the digital age to strengthen Indigenous peoples and nations.

In addition to being a truth center for digital Indigenous sovereign identification and data, community involvement, and election and voting services, they are a dedicated service provider for Indigenous financial solutions.

By opening a OneFeather account, customers can avail themselves of Indigenous banking solutions, online status card renewals, and digital voting. It connects you to dedicated Indigenous banking by providing access to payment solutions, money transfers, and rewards. 

The OneFeather PAY is a beautifully designed and reloadable card that makes purchases easy with contactless tap technology or shops online. It also helps earn 1FT Rewards (OneFeather Token Rewards points) beyond just transactions. The Online Status Card Service

allows you to renew, replace, or apply for your status card (SCIS) from home with your trusted OneFeather account. 

OneFeather APP is available nations-wide, and its national services include:

Registrar Management platform

They offer the first and only First Nations and Métis digital member registrar management platform to cultivate member engagement. It is a secure and confidential cloud-based system for managing member data and fostering member engagement.

Election and Voting Services

With 50+ years of combined Indigenous election management experience, they are the leaders of Indigenous electoral technology and best practices for Canada’s First Nations and Metis elections and voting events. Their digital voting allows you to vote from home or provides vote from anywhere options on any device with an internet connection. This helps to engage with your members and improve voter turnout securely and anonymously. In addition to digital voting, they also offer voting options like a mail-in ballot, telephone voting and traditional polls. 

Governance Consulting 

OneFeather guides nations in fortifying their sovereignty, building better systems of engagement, and making important decision-making. They collaborate with nations to strengthen day-to-day decision-making and management, support government negotiations and create agreements between the Indigenous communities, industry, and their allies.

Policy and Law Making

OneFeather has 50 years of combined experience developing laws, policies, and governance documents. In addition, they offer election code reviews, amendment recommendations, community consultation, and complete referendum services to strengthen your nation with expert policy and law-making services.

Lawrence Lewis and his company provide technology solutions for elections, membership, and engagement that reduce nations’ costs and administrative burdens. They have created a technology that brings about sustainable governance and brings communities together. 

OneFeather, under the leadership of Lawrence Lewis, cultivates change to enhance resilience, works to eliminate the pains of colonialism and systemic racism, and enables Indigenous sovereignty. To know more about their services, visit their website at 

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