KAPÉ: A Taste of Philippines’ Culture and Sustainability in Vancouver

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Coffee culture in the Philippines has a long and rich history, with Indigenous communities having brewed and enjoyed coffee for generations. Appreciating Indigenous culture and traditions is an integral part of KAPÉ, the first and only Philippine coffee shop in Vancouver.

KAPÉ is a social enterprise that sources farmer-direct, sustainable, single-origin coffee to support the livelihoods of Indigenous growers in the Philippines. Founded with the goal of expanding the market for Philippine specialty coffee, KAPÉ dishes out the best of Philippine coffee farmers while increasing awareness and appreciation of their unique coffee beans. 

With a commitment to ethical sourcing and small-batch roasting on the traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, KAPÉ is more than just a coffee shop; it is a celebration of Indigenous culture and a platform for building better livelihoods for coffee growers and their communities. 

Farmer-Direct, Indigenous-Grown, Philippines Specialty Coffee

KAPÉ is proud to source its beans directly from Indigenous coffee producers in the Cordillera and Davao regions of the Philippines. These producers cultivate and harvest coffee using traditional techniques, resulting in flavours that are unique and distinctive and reflect the region’s terroir. Additionally, KAPÉ ensures that their coffee beans retain signature texture, flavours and top quality by sustainable procurement, paying producers a fair price for their labour and supporting local communities.

Striving as a Social Enterprise

The goals of KAPÉ are to promote Philippine specialty coffee, grow the market for coffee obtained responsibly, and highlight the finest of Philippine coffee produce. KAPÉ’s mission is to foster cross-cultural understanding and mutual respect via the cultivation of organic coffee farming practices and the sharing of the stories of its Indigenous farmer partners.

KAPÉ aims to educate the masses about the long and storied tradition of coffee farming in the Philippines. Once a major exporter of coffee, the nation has seen its output fall due to a lack of public backing and investment. Indigenous farmers still use time-tested techniques handed down through generations to cultivate and harvest coffee. The producers of KAPÉ want to highlight the perseverance, native identity, and dedication of these agricultural communities.

Fair Trade Coffee

KAPÉ views coffee as more than just a social beverage; it’s an emotional relationship. KAPÉ assures that farmers are fairly compensated for their efforts and that their communities will reap the benefits of the company’s operations by purchasing beans directly from them. KAPÉ also works with a small-batch roaster in East Vancouver on the ancestral lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples.

Get to Know The Coffee Farmers

KAPÉ collaborates with a growing community of Indigenous coffee farmers in the Philippine highlands, including remarkable women and family farmers. Their coffee blends are not only excellent but also tell a story of tradition and resilience. KAPÉ invites customers to learn about these farmers and their communities, building connections across cultures and continents.

Based on the principles of ethical purchasing, community involvement, and cross-cultural understanding, KAPÉ is much more than a simple coffee shop. KAPÉ offers a taste of Philippine culture to Vancouverites while also telling the narrative of Indigenous coffee producers in the Philippines and exhibiting the distinctive and distinct flavours they produce. Whether you’re a Java connoisseur or simply want to support a socially conscious business, KAPÉ is the place to go.

Wanna try some delicious coffee that’s 100% ethically sourced? Visit the official website of the business at https://www.kape.coffee/ and discover the real taste of coffee!

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