Indigenous Box: Bringing Visibility to Indigenous Artists

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Indigenous Box is a gift and subscription service that supports Indigenous entrepreneurship by giving new and existing Indigenous businesses a chance to expand their client bases and market niches.

Promoting Indigenous Good Work

Indigenous Box’s mission is to promote and elevate the good work done by Indigenous entrepreneurs. Their company champions Indigenous people’s true legacy: their ingenuity, resourcefulness, industriousness, intentionality, purposefulness, ability, cooperation, and greatness.

They are led by principles founded on the wisdom of reciprocity and connection, which promote shared abundance. The fundamental principles are a commitment to transparency, justice, humility, continuous learning, and bold action.

The founder and CEO of Indigenous Box, Mallory Yawnghwe, belongs to Saddle Lake Cree Nation #125 in Treaty 6 Territory. She was inspired to start the company because of her love for her people and her pride in inheriting and carrying on her legacy of greatness. 

She believes in building bridges and collaborating to elevate Indigenous business. That was the foundation for creating Indigenous Box as well. 

From a very young age, Mallory was in love with Indigenous entrepreneurship and business. However, many Indigenous artists struggled to sell their pieces when the pandemic happened. To help them overcome this situation, she began building websites for them. Realizing this might be only a temporary solution, she decided to bring all the Indigenous artists and their products under one brand umbrella. 

Mallory Yawnghwe launched Indigenous Box on 14th March 2021.

Curating The Perfect Box

Mallory worked on the scholarship fund for the Circle of Abundance to amplify Indigenous women’s voices. She could not visit her parents in reserve when the pandemic came. But when her mother sent her a package of local products, it was good medicine for the heart in a time of challenge. 

She wanted to share the happiness and joy she received from receiving her mother’s package with others. It was also an opportunity to pursue her entrepreneurial passion and showcase the collective idea of doing business. 

Developed as a care package, the fundamental idea of the business is to improve the brand visibility of Indigenous products, artists, and businesses. Indigenous Box puts together boxes based on feel and allows all Indigenous people to feel things listen to what is right,

Many different factors are involved in curating the perfect subscription box for you. First, they get samples of products from Indigenous-owned businesses across Turtle Island to check each piece’s quality. They also do it based on weight, size, dimension, and cost. In addition, they have created the right algorithm to identify and combine the best of two worlds, the numbers and the feel.

Offering Indigenous Quality 

Mallory meets with every single entrepreneur with whom they collaborate. Each business has been formed with a purpose, with their products aimed to raise awareness, acknowledgement, and change for their communities and representation.  

In addition to personal subscription boxes, Indigenous Box also deals with custom corporate gifting. Indigenous Box Concierge offers unique gifting options for both large and small businesses by bringing in the Indigenous Box experience and human touch.

With countless customization options, Indigenous Box offers enterprise-level efficiency or small business savvy; they take care of everything to provide the best gift-giving experience. In addition, they deliver social impact on time.

A success for one is a success for all those who come after. Indigenous Box believes in this philosophy and is a lot more than just a box. Indigenous Box is a movement of thousands of Canadians coming together to create the future they want by offering effortless gifting in beautiful boxes, giving a luxurious, lovingly-crafted, and meaningful gift every time.

As an Indigenous-owned business, they make it easy to discover Indigenous businesses. For more information, visit their website at

Indigenous businesses have always promoted the community in their business operations. To read more about these inspiring business ideas, subscribe to Indigenous SME Business Magazine and for the latest updates, check our Twitter page @IndigenousSme.

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