How to Leverage Video Marketing for Small Businesses

How to Leverage Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Using video marketing as a part of your business growth could be quite helpful for gaining revenues. Video marketing has gained a lot of traction in the past across businesses of all sizes. The crucial reason behind their popularity lies in the fact that they are easy to engage with prospective clients across several social platforms. Also, with the right kind of video marketing, business owners can effectively attract their target audiences towards their brand.

The Rise of Video Marketing

According to the current trends and studies, it has been forecasted that an average individual will watch at least 100 minutes of an online video every day in 2021. Also, 88% of marketers have said that proper video marketing has helped them gain a positive ROI in the past years. Furthermore, around 92% of marketers have claimed that video is a vital part of their marketing strategy. So, with the rise in the number of viewers of online videos, companies can leverage a lot by incorporating strategic video marketing for small businesses.

How to Get Started?

The good news is, with video marketing, you do not need a huge budget. You just need a good camera or a smartphone with a good camera, and you can make great videos on your own for your brand. And once the videos are made, you can share them on your website or on your social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. But in doing all this, you will need to have some kind of technical knowledge as well. So, with the help of some effective video marketing tools, the job will be easier for you.

Small Business Canada

So, if you are now sure about introducing video marketing in your business’s marketing strategy, keep in mind the below-mentioned things:

·       Make Use of the Existing Video Platforms

Always remember that the best destination for your business video content will be on the platforms that are already there like, YouTube, Hulu, and so on. You can also promote your brand through ads on YouTube which are more likely to be seen by your target audiences whenever they will search for a similar product as yours on the search engines.

·       Increase Website Traffic Through Videos

If you upload videos on your social media platforms, it can drive traffic to your website. So, try to add product reviews or tutorials as small videos on your social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. These videos can direct the audience from social media to your website. In addition to this, your videos on social media channels can help you make sure that your brand is reaching out to your potential customers. So, if you can create attractive videos with good messaging, it can be truly beneficial for your brand in the coming days.  

·       Demonstrate Your Brand Well Without Beating Around the Bush

While creating videos for your brand, you need to understand that your audience is busy people. So, you need to have a fundamental respect for them and value their time by creating videos that will specifically talk about your products and services. Your consumers’ attention is vital and your content needs to earn it through the right kind of messaging. Also, your video should blend perfectly with the content and should not just explicitly sell your service.

·       Be a Storyteller Through Your Videos

Try to be a storyteller through your brand videos. It has been proven by the University of West Alabama that 55% of consumers who love the story of a brand are more likely to purchase from them. Try to present the content of your video in a narrative. If you are hoping to share the specifications of your product, weave them into a story keeping in mind the concept of the product. This way, customers will recognize your brand better and will respond to your videos in a more positive manner.

How to Leverage Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Summing It Up,

Depending upon the type of your products or services, you can choose the type of your video for marketing. It could be know-how videos, how-to videos, testimonial videos, webinar videos, and so on. However, while marketing those on social platforms, try to be professional and always provide to-the-point messaging to your target audiences.

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