How Nookoom Learning is providing Métis-led Training, Facilitation & Community Engagement

How Nookoom Learning is providing Métis-led Training, Facilitation & Community Engagement

Candace Lloyd had a vision. Proud of her Métis background and having a strong reputation in her community as a Métis Traditional Knowledge Holder, she wanted to share her knowledge with people around her so that they can use it to further grow and build an even stronger community. Since building a community is one of the main traditions of the Métis and the most honored, Candace’s main goal is to find new ways to encourage people to connect and work together in harmony.

With that in mind, Candace founded Nookoom Learning, a Métis cultural awareness, and intercultural awareness consulting. The company was founded in 2020 and has since become a leader of its kind in eastern Ontario. There has always been a significant gap in the Ontario Métis relations when it comes to knowledge and community building. However, since the founding of Nookoom Learning, that gap is slowly closing and Candace is confident that with time, the gap will become non-existent.

Nookoom learning provides Métis-led training, facilitation, and community engagement. The company is known for combining Métis culture and worldview to deliver a unique learning and training experience for a diverse clientele. There are three main learning services that Nookoom Learning provides to its clients: Cultural Awareness Workshops, Métis-Led Facilitation, and Métis Education Specialization.

Cultural Awareness Workshops

One of the biggest issues in our community at the moment is that many people have a lack of understanding when it comes to indigenous culture. This can often create prejudice and division among the population. The Cultural Awareness Workshop provided by Nookoom Learning provides information about the Métis culture and its history. With interactive cultural awareness training workshops, this course aims to provide people with a better understanding of the Métis culture which will ultimately put an end to prejudice and cultural division within our society.

Métis-Led Facilitation

The core of Nookoom Learning’s success. What better way to honor the Métis culture than by connecting people from the Métis community so they can learn, share the love of their culture, and discuss opportunities that are available to them? By hiring professionals from Nookoom Learning to facilitate projects or events taking place, the Métis culture and knowledge will further spread, and its community will learn about opportunities that they would not have known otherwise.

Métis Education Specialization

Métis Education Specialization is crucial because it not only builds and leads curriculum, but it also honors the Métis culture and history. The goal of this program is to attract people from the Métis community so that they can learn more about their culture, history, and what it means to be Métis. 

Candace Lloyd launched Nookoom Learning with the hopes of uniting people from the Métis community and to further develop and grow it by providing opportunities that Métis people are not aware of. This is a huge step in the aboriginal community because now people can learn more about the culture and have a better knowledge of the Métis community. With companies such as Nookoom Learning, we are creating awareness that the aboriginal community is strongly lacking.

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