Free online resources for small business owners`

Free online resources for small business owners

As an aspiring and upcoming entrepreneur, diverting funds strategically is of the utmost importance. However, with so many resources that you need for successfully running your business, it might pose to be a tough task. 

Neither can you afford to compromise on the products and services that you are offering nor can you afford to go beyond your budget, can you? In such a tight space, free resources to aid you in the different facets of your business can turn out to be a saving grace for your organization. 

Free online resources for small business owners

Having said that, in this excerpt, we will look at some of the best free online resources that won’t just save your time and money but also turn out to be a game-changer for you! 

Canva Logo | evolution history and meaning


When creating beautiful and professional designs, Canva is the tool to use. You can use Canva to design social media images, banners, promotional images, flyers, book covers, and a lot more. Over the years, Canva has changed and evolved with many new features that can be of great help for small business owners. Using Canva, you can add animations to your content, make websites, remove image backgrounds, etc. To top it up, you get all this for free! Of course, there are paid functions as well. However, you can work equally well with just the free version of Canva!

File:Dropbox logo 2017.svg - Wikipedia


Dropbox is among the most well-known names in the cloud storage industry and for a good reason. Founded in 2007, Dropbox offers service on both free and paid models. This gives potential customers a great option to first try the service and find out if it works for them or not. For the price that the paid plans come in, Dropbox offers some great features. Dropbox is remarkably fast thanks to its powerful servers and sophisticated and highly optimized system by which the files are actually updated instead of reuploaded while syncing. This saves time and bandwidth. Another interesting aspect of Dropbox is that it offers Google Drive integration, which is very rare in a cloud storage industry that mostly sees Google Drive as its competitor. 

File:Trello logo.svg - Wikipedia


Trello is a project management tool that can help you organize and prioritize different tasks. With an amazing placard feature, you can manage tasks, add comments, including attachments and due dates for different individuals at the same time. Trello also has an automation tool that can help with triggering different tasks in the background so you don’t have to manually manage every little function. 

File:Asana logo.png - Wikimedia Commons


Just like Trello, Asana also is a time-management and project management tool that is available on both desktop and mobile. Asana helps teams organize, track and manage their work. Using Asana, you can easily assign tasks to different members of the team while keeping track of how everything moves. In addition, with Asana you have this amazing function to set reminders that especially helps with the deadlines of any task.

File:Google Drive text logo grey.png - Wikimedia Commons

Google Drive

With Google Drive, you can share and upload files pretty easily, even folders, which is not really that convenient with Dropbox. The interface is user-friendly and quite easy to navigate. It automatically syncs everything to your devices, so that you can access everything on the go! One of the biggest pluses with Google  Drive is the 15 GB of free storage. However, with so much data at hand even for a small-scale business, this might not be enough. Therefore, Google Drive provides the option to upgrade to many paid plans where features and storage keep increasing. Be rest assured, these plans won’t cost you a fortune!

File:Zoom Communications Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons


Zoom is an online platform that offers video conferencing and webinar services, comparable to Skype, GoToMeeting, and Hangouts. Although the same features provided by Zoom are comparable to other similar providers, Zoom has been known for its easy-to-use application. The most popular feature that Zoom has to offer is participants are no longer required to sign up and create an account to be able to join meetings. Having the web URL that links directly to the meeting is the only set-up that’s required for users. Additionally, Zoom also offers a webinar management system that helps users create virtual and live events.


File:MailerLite Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Now, moving on to email auto-responders, which is equally important for a small business owner, we have for you MailerLite. Highly useful in creating customizable and advanced email marketing campaigns, MailerLite has features like automation, landing pages, and even surveys. You can start without investing a penny with their free plan and move on to the paid version if you need to. 


If you have a basic knowledge of website designing and are looking for a free tool to help you design your website, Elementor is the one to choose. Elementor is great to access and design even the smallest corners of your website. This theme-builder allows you to customize your website and create pop-ups, integrate content from WordPress, and offer over 80 design elements to choose from.  

To Wrap It Up:

Can you really say no to amazing free tools and software that can help you streamline your business? Probably not! And when you get amazing features to help you in every aspect of your business, what’s the harm? These free tools cover most of the business needs from website designing, to storage, to CMS to communications tools. For more information on the same, you can subscribe to the CanadianSME Small Business Magazine.

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