Composting Done Right: Indigenous-Owned Business Friendly Composting Creating Ripples

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Kamloops, a city in British Columbia, Canada, is home to an inspiring startup called Friendly Composting. The award-winning company was co-founded in March 2020 by two best friends and former roommates, Katie Forsyth and Indigenous Claire McLoughlin. This ambitious project aims to tackle the growing food waste problem in the Kamloops community by offering waste management solutions and education to local businesses and residents.

A Sustainable Mission

The Friendly Composting team has diverted over 800,000 lbs of food waste from local landfills, where it would otherwise release methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. The co-founders and co-owners are passionate about promoting sustainability within their community. Their simple mission is to turn food scraps into soil while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

The company’s co-founders want to replicate its strategy on a larger scale, so they can expand it to other regions, particularly those without municipal services. Friendly Composting is an excellent example of how startups can have a significant environmental impact whilst encouraging sustainability and educating the community.

The Beginnings

Sensing a demand in the local market for organic waste management, Forsyth and McLoughlin launched Friendly Composting from their home. Investing $500 each to purchase their first recycled compost bins, the word quickly spread about their services and their eco-friendly methods.

Social media and word of mouth helped the company to scale up after its launch during the COVID-19 shutdown. This created a greater demand for their services as residents of Kamloops who could not leave their homes prepared more meals than normal.

The Works

Friendly Composting provides online memberships with subsequent home and business visits once a week to exchange full bins for clean ones. The firm collaborates with two local farms in Kamloops and Salmon Arm to transform food waste into soil. 

The company also established a delivery service last summer, selling bread, eggs, veggies, and meat from local farmers. Their dedication to educating the people of Kamloops is also evident in their approach. They want to show subscribers how to carry out composting, what food items can be composted, and how to minimize food waste.

Looking Ahead

Friendly Composting has been racking up awards recently, with recognition from organizations such as the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce and Small Business BC. Co-founders Claire and Katie have also received individual honours, including being named on the Globe and Mail’s 50 ‘Changemakers’ list and winning Environmental Leaders of the Year at the Kamloops Community Leader Awards. 

The company has also been a repeat winner at the Best of Kamloops Awards for categories like Best Home Service and Zero Waste Store. Their accomplishment is inspiring and demonstrates how modest improvements can have a bigger influence.

Wondering how you can turn food scraps into compost and reduce food wastage? Hop on to the bandwagon and learn the tips & tricks from the expert themselves! Visit Friendly Composting’s official website at and read about what steps you can take to save the environment. 

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