Carvel Electric’s Jordan Jolicoeur: A Visionary Leader Empowering Communities

Carvel Electric's Jordan Jolicoeur: A Visionary Leader Empowering Communities
Image Courtesy: Jordan Jolicoeur

A shining example of Indigenous entrepreneurship in the bustling Albertan business scene, Jordan Jolicoeur has been the steadfast engine that has propelled Carvel Electric to great heights. As President and CEO, Jordan’s journey exemplifies the tenacity and creativity of contemporary Métis leadership. In this context, he has been recognized as the Indigenous Founder Spotlight in the Indigenous SME Magazine for the combined edition of May and June. Let’s look at Carvel Electric’s incredible development under Jordan Jolicoeur’s innovative leadership.

From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leader 

Jordan assumed control of Carvel Electric in 2013, spearheading an entrepreneurial endeavour that entailed a mere toolbox, pickup vehicle, and aspiration for expansion. Through collaboration with his brother Joel, Jordan revolutionized Carvel Electric from a modest residential service provider to a formidable entity that catered to the largest railroad, pipeline, and energy corporations in North America. Jordan’s “handshake approach” to business, which is firmly rooted in the principles of integrity and community, has solidified Carvel Electric’s standing as a dependable industry partner. This approach fosters connections and propels sustainable growth.

Image Courtesy: Jordan Jolicoeur

Championing Indigenous Employment and Skills Development

Carvel Electric, a distinguished Métis-owned enterprise, is extremely dedicated to promoting Indigenous employment and skill development. Jordan’s leadership transcends the confines of the boardroom by devoting time and resources to fostering an environment that encourages opportunity and inclusivity. Carvel Electric offers Indigenous individuals opportunities for rewarding employment and professional growth through strategic alliances and pioneering training initiatives. Jordan’s commitment to diversity and inclusion serves to fortify communities while also contributing to the prosperity and long-term viability of Carvel Electric as an industry frontrunner.

Prioritizing Safety and Sustainability

At Carvel Electric, safety comes first, which is why Jordan places great emphasis on ensuring a secure and environmentally sustainable workplace that permeates all facets of the organization’s activities. By implementing stringent safety protocols and taking proactive measures to mitigate risks, Carvel Electric guarantees the welfare of its employees, the surrounding environment, and the wider public. Through his unwavering commitment to safety, Jordan bolsters Carvel Electric’s standing as a dependable and conscientious collaborator within the sector, thereby establishing an industry benchmark for excellence that extends well beyond the borders of Alberta.

The leadership of Carvel Electric’s Jordan Jolicoeur is a perfect example of how Indigenous entrepreneurs can make a difference. Jordan has not only enabled Indigenous inclusion and empowerment in Alberta’s corporate scene via his vision, devotion, and commitment to the community, but he has also catapulted Carvel Electric to new heights. As he persists in advocating for Indigenous employment, safety, and sustainability, Jordan motivates the next generation of leaders to follow in his footsteps by embracing honesty, creativity, and inclusion as they strive for corporate greatness and social effect.

For more information on Carvel Electric’s safety and health management, visit their official website here. 

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