Carol Anne Hilton – International Indigenous Business Leader to follow

Carol Anne Hilton - International Indigenous Business Leader to follow

Carol Anne Hilton is an international Indigenous business leader that inspires many in her community. A  Hesquiaht woman of Nuu-chah-nulth descent from the west coast of Vancouver Island and from the house of Mam’aayutch, she is the founder of the Indigenomics Institute which focuses on empowering and developing the economy of Indigenous people. Through her knowledge, expertise and strategic insights, Carol Anne Hilton is focused on helping the Indigenous economy grow by driving multi-generational impact nationally and globally. Her main goal is to create a collective reality that’s focused on helping the Indigenous community develop their economy by helping them put in place strategies that empower it.

Not only is she a business leader and an international speaker, but she has also written a book titled  Indigenomics: Taking a Seat at the Economic Table. The book is mainly focused on increasing the visibility and role of the Indigenous economy. Carol Anne Hilton introduces her book as the foundation of the economic and reconciliation of Indigenous people, which she addresses as Indigenomics. While her book talks about ways for the Indigenous economy to grow by building relationships, some of the main highlights include the exposure of the false media narrative of Indigenous dependency, the ongoing power shift and rise of the modern Indigenous economy and the unfolding story in the law courts that is testing the nation’s relationship with the Indigenous community. Her book is a crucial read for anyone looking to have a better understanding of the Indigenous economy and its challenges, as well as business leaders looking to grow. In fact, several Indigenous entrepreneurs refer to her book as a guide on how to succeed when it comes to starting a business that will succeed over time.

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An advisor to the government of Canada and the First Nations, Carol Anne Hilton has a solid reputation for being successful and helping other entrepreneurs and business leaders from the Indigenous community succeed. Her successful background speaks for itself: a multi-award-winning business leader with extensive knowledge of community social and economic development. She has over two decades of experience in business development and economic design which has allowed her to have an extensive career in business and earned her recognition for her significant contributions and value creation in Indigenous economies.

Her single hashtag #indigenomics has created an entire movement that is centred on rebuilding and strengthening the Indigenous economies. Carol Anne’s work and contribution are not only empowering her heritage and Indigenous background, but it’s also driving the narrative of the multi-billion-dollar Indigenous economic target. By providing the tools and resources to Indigenous entrepreneurs that can help them grow, she is not only contributing to the nation’s growing economy, but she is also empowering businesses that are Indigenous-led and ensuring their success for generations to come. Carol Anne strongly believes that by providing the tools and resources to business leaders, there can be a solid partnership that will build meaningful innovations which will have a strong positive impact on Indigenous economies over time. Her successful professional career and her work within the Indigenous community have made her a true inspiration to her community and business leaders across the nation. 

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