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Carmella Marketing is an award-winning, nationally certified woman-led marketing agency with a high-energy culture of creativity whose strategies are results-driven. Its approach to digital marketing is always evolving with the market and consistently provides its clients with the best results and an impressive ROI.

The Carmella team collectively makes up a social media storytelling powerhouse of digital marketing experts. Carmella’s passion for marketing is evident in their client work. This has led to distinct business goals and awards for their clients. Their knowledge and understanding of the latest marketing trends ensures that their clients stay ahead of the competition. Carmella is also able to provide customised solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of their clients. This allows them to achieve the best possible results for their clients.  

Invested in turning mountain towns into culturally connected, cultivated communities, Carmella Consulting is a full-service creative digital marketing agency based in the cozy mountain town of Canmore, Alberta. With almost 10 years of experience and continuous growth, they deliver meaningful brand experiences to all their customers. 

Carmella offers unparalleled marketing strategies that are built on powerful insights from their team of creators, creative design without limitations, digital marketing solutions that boost user experience, campaigns that make brands famous, and social marketing that not only tells a story but also connects with the audience in a meaningful and personal way.

Stephanie O’Brien, president of Carmella Marketing, is always looking for opportunities to collaborate and elevate the status quo. As a former National Coach of the Year, she endeavours to listen, understand, and help her clients excel in their wheelhouses by helping them to produce their own brand of storytelling.  She tackles content marketing and everything in the digital space, focusing on social media marketing.

Today, Carmella works with a vision of a business and a greater mission to change social media marketing. But the origin of the leading marketing agency has a different story. Carmella Marketing began as a ‘nameless company’ with just the registration number 1354823 Alberta LTD and a business with four clients. Stephanie decided that the name for her business should be memorable and have a lot of meaning. The name was founded with the birth of Stephanie’s two daughters, Carmen and Bella, thus the name Carmella.

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Carmella Marketing began with a team of two, and the crew has quickly grown into a team of eight. Stephanie’s focus is on creating a work culture where people enjoy each other’s company, have the flexibility to excel, determine their own schedules, and do excellent work while learning and growing. 

Winning is one of their USPs, and they work hard at Carmella to achieve it daily for their clients. Day in and day out, they innovate, create, and look for ways to disrupt the old way of doing things to favor success. 

Social media and digital marketing are ever-evolving, and in an agency-eat agency world, Carmella strives to continually evolve and grow to accommodate the changes in the digital landscape.

Carmella Marketing offers various platforms and services to help its clients achieve their goals and succeed. They offer services like 

  • Media Production – They understand the power of professional photography and videography, an investment that helps your brand to stand out by creating your own unique content, which results in higher ROI, custom results, and boosted campaigns.
  • Brand Development- Creating a logo and having your own style creates a unique identity and helps build a brand. Their designers work with you to create original, high-quality logo designs that suit your brand and represent who you are as a company. 
  • Web development- Building, creating, and maintaining websites, including web design, publishing, programming, and database management. Along with web development, Carmella also offers SEO services to help your site to increase web traffic and blogs to help boost SEO quality by positioning the website as relevant to your customers’ questions. 
  • Email Marketing- Carmella helps use newsletters, one of the highest converting tools available to marketers, to focus on storytelling, start conversations with the consumer, and act as a sales pitch. 
  • CRM Integrations-. CRM is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and potential customers. It uses data analysis about the individual’s history with a company to improve business relationships with clients, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately improving sales growth. Carmella offers the best Customer Relations Management for your business.
  • Digital Advertising- Carmella uses banner advertising, social media, paid search, native advertising, display advertising, and lead generation campaigns to improve your digital presence and drive traffic to your website. 
  • Social Media Management- Managing your online interactions, content, and presence across various social media channels by creating and analyzing content and managing interactions and engagement with social media users.

  • Artificial Intelligence Integrations- Carmella supports live chat and chatbot installation, a Web service that allows businesses to communicate, or chat, in real-time with visitors to their Web site. These applications are commonly used to provide immediate customer support and information.
  • Events- Carmella offers planning, marketing, onsite execution, and social media reporting during events. 
  • Digital Resources- Carmella offers social media strategy, digital audit, marketing plans and campaigns that help businesses outline the planned strategy, keeping in check their digital presence and guide to a successful campaign in the digital space for improved business. 

Carmella is an award-winning, full-service marketing agency whose future is to become a sustainable, innovative, and forward-thinking agency of keeners who want to push boundaries and win awards for their clients. 

A lot of businesses struggle with business marketing. Carmella, with a portfolio of consulting various mountain businesses to success, conducts case studies, community development, creative, event and project management to help their client to attain a successful business. 

Carmella works together with their clients to rocket ahead of the competition. To learn more about this marketing agency

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