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Bravo Tango Advertising Firm Inc is a full-service advertising firm with offices in Regina, Saskatchewan, and Kelowna, British Columbia. Bravo Tango has proudly offered big agency services without big agency prices since its founding in 2008.

Their non-traditional structure means projects proceed without hold-ups and hang-ups. While their company has steadily grown, they have maintained a close-knit, family-like atmosphere. They have a reputation for being extraordinarily creative, providing exceptional customer service, and abiding by the golden rule.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) first created the NATO alphabet in the 1950s. The alphabet was designed to assign each letter a code word to prevent misunderstandings during radio and telephone talks. Bravo Tango represents the initials of the company founder, Ben Tingley.

Range of Services 

Bravo Tango Advertising Firm Inc. specializes in branding, creative development, media planning, and advertising strategy as a full-service ad agency.


  • Logos & Brand Identities: A professional and creative brand identity will help to communicate your brand’s voice, personality, and values, making a unique selling proposition much more tangible and recognizable, distinguishing your brand from the competition as you build meaningful connections with your target. 
  • Brand Strategies: What you say and how you say it will make or break your brand. The more consistently you deliver on your brand promise, your brand will become stronger. By clearly defining your brand and developing a clear and robust brand strategy, you can determine your narrative and ensure that your mandate and competitive advantage are clear. 
  • Naming & Tagline Development: Your company or product name and tagline need to be memorable, meaningful, and defined to help your business stand out from the competition. 
  • Visual ID & Brand Guidelines: Developing a new brand identity is essential for everyone in the organization to be on the same page and consistently follow the brand guidelines in all communication streams. 
  • Trademarks: the legal trademarking process ensures that your new identity is available and protected from being used by others. 


  • Media Planning & Buying: Considering demographic, psychographic, and geographic information can help you choose the advertising mediums that best reach and connect with your target audience. Hence, nailing down a strategy to see it through every step, from conception to execution, to detailed reporting, is essential. 
  • Account Planning: Every successful team has a dedicated and capable captain. Their Certified Agency Account Planners work closely with their digital, media, interactive, and creative departments to plan, strategize, and execute your goals in a timely, effective, and budget-appropriate manner. 
  • Graphic Design: Their graphic designers use typography, imagery, and colors to tell your brand’s story and attract customers, making it easy to recognize and hard to forget.
  • Copywriting: Words are the bread and butter of compelling storytelling and communication. Incorporating your unique voice and tone can increase brand awareness across marketing channels and successfully articulate your vision. 
  • Website Design & Development: The website is the first introduction to your brand for new customers. They collaborate with you to design and develop a website that is easy on the eyes, intuitive to navigate, and coded with care using analytics data, an understanding of your business, and the best current UI/UX practices.
  • Procurement and Production: Their team helps market your business, engage with your target audience, and never miss a deadline with quality promotional material designed, developed, and produced by their experienced team, who spent years forging strong relationships with a vast network of top-quality suppliers. 


  • Market Research: For business success, gathering information on your target market(s) to discover trends, understand customer behavior, and identify competitors is crucial. 
  • Competitor Analysis: Taking an in-depth look at your competitors will give you better insights into what to prioritize, help identify gaps in the market, and uncover underserved market segments.  
  • Creative Strategy: It’s important to use market research and consumer insights to help tailor the creative your audience wants to see, where and when they need to see it. 
  • Media Strategy: Market research, consumer insights, and a competitor analysis help us deliver an integrated strategy that reaches your consumers and successfully achieves your advertising goals. 
  • Consumer Insight: Gathering information on your target market(s) will help you understand your customers better than they know themselves. Gathering consumer insights enables you to craft messages and determine the media strategies that best connect you with your audience. 
  • Performance Measurement: They help maintain performance by tracking and optimizing ongoing campaigns to ensure they consistently meet campaign objectives. From planning to execution to reporting, you’ll always know how your campaigns and social platforms perform. 
  • Focus Groups: They utilize online tools to provide timely and accurate feedback on your messaging or designs at any stage of the project or campaign. This allows them to understand better and reach your customers, prospects, and stakeholders. 


  • Graphic Design: Their graphic designers use typography, imagery, and colors to tell your brand’s story and attract customers, making it easy to recognize and hard to forget. 
  • Interactive Design: Their designers combine copy, imagery, and motion graphics to showcase your brand’s unique personality while promoting products and services. 
  • Art Direction: Their creative teams work together to determine the overall visual style and messaging required to achieve your campaign goals effectively.
  • Copywriting: Incorporating your unique voice and tone can increase brand awareness across marketing channels and successfully articulate your vision. 
  • Social Media Video & Photography: Their in-house videography team can bring your project to life, from animation to special events, testimonials to behind-the-scenes. Similarly, their photography team can shoot products, employee candids, live events, or staff functions to capture any moment you’d like. 

Digital Services

  • Search: Bravo Tango helps boost your Google presence, increase your product page ranking on Amazon, gain more visibility, and help you outrank your competition.  
  • Social: Bridge the connection between you and your audience by increasing engagement on various social platforms with original content, strategies, and targeted paid or organic campaigns. 
  • Digital Advertising: They help launch strategic advertising campaigns on the ideal platforms so brands will be in front of the right audience at the right moment to convert. 


  • Media Planning: By considering demographic, psychographic, and geographical information, they will recommend the ideal media channels for a successful campaign to effectively reach your target audience. 
  • Media Buying: After nailing down an effective media plan with their experienced team, they will get to booking and buying the ideal media mix for your specific campaign goals. 
  • Reporting: They keep performance where you want it by tracking and optimizing ongoing campaigns while making adjustments. Their regular reporting helps you know how your campaigns and social platforms perform. 


  • Printing: Your target audience will engage with your brand in multiple spaces with custom designs when their experienced team guides you through their extensive network of trusted suppliers through the most effective production process possible. 
  • Promotional Material: Promotional material improves brand visibility and increased engagement. Their creative team will help create any swag bag or merchandise you wish, from office supplies to special events. 
  • Tradeshow Displays: They help turn heads, attract attention, and increase interaction with their custom tradeshow display designs at any event or expo.


  • Website Audits: Audits improve your online performance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and increase conversions. Their website audits to review your website’s content, layout, backend code, and structure from a design, technical, and user perspective. 
  • UI/UX Design: Bravo Tango help create an attractive website that is responsive and easy to navigate and creates space for users to interact with your brand.  
  • Mobile/Responsive Design: Adapting your website to be mobile-friendly is essential for any business. They design a responsive experience for users on any device using the mantra “mobile first.”  
  • Content Development: Their digital, interactive, and creative teams bring your vision to life by building a strategy for content that aligns with your brand’s image, goals, and objectives. 
  • Web Development: They use best practices to code with care, ensuring your website is saying what it needs to and working how it should. 
  • Mobile App Development: They design and develop online and mobile apps for iOS, Android, or Desktop, which is an asset to any modern business. 
  • Hosting & Maintenance: Take the reigns of your website by using CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Expression Engine while they provide the necessary technology to make it viewable. 

Bravo Tango Advertising Firm Inc believes every client deserves to be treated with the highest care and attention, no matter how large or small and regardless of your budget. They are also passionate about creating brands that everyone will love. 

Bravo Tango Advertising Firm Inc is a small agency with big ideas. For more information about their work, visit their website at  

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