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Email marketing is a powerful and cost-effective marketing strategy that helps brands easily reach new customers while keeping their existing customers updated with their latest news.

It is a powerful marketing channel that helps businesses promote their products, services, and discounts while keeping their customers informed. 

Email marketing is an effective, direct and digital strategy that guarantees lead creation, brand awareness, relationship building, and global customer engagement with the brand. Here are 10 Email marketing services for small businesses. 

  1. Luminate Communications

Luminate Communications are experts in elevating non-profit communications and fundraising efforts. As advisors, editorial planners, writers, and storytellers, they pay attention to your needs, design an approach that aligns with your vision, develop solutions to tell your narrative, engage your audience with your goal, and inspire them to take action.

To create content that connects, visit their website at  

  1. Magnolia Marketing Communications

Magnolia Marketing Communications is a full-service, award-winning B2B marketing communications agency. They write relatable and relevant content that ignites the customer journey to generate great leads and convert them into long-lasting customers. They specialize in digital PR, content strategy, social media, social media advertising, account-based marketing, webinars, MarTech solutions, and search engine marketing. 

To avail of a 360° solution in marketing, visit  

  1. The Art Of Business

The Art of Business has a team of dedicated, award-winning digital marketing experts working together on your digital marketing needs. They provide services ranging from marketing planning and strategy, email marketing, PPC advertising, Google AdWords, online reputation management, social media marketing, lead generation, SEO optimization, brand development and many more. 

To go beyond the one-off digital marketing services, visit their website at  

  1. Maven Collective Marketing

Maven Collective Marketing is an award-winning and go-to B2B digital marketing services and strategy agency for Microsoft Partners. Mavens guide you to co-sell status and strengthen your Microsoft Partner Network profile with well-positioned AppSource and Azure Marketplace listings. In addition, it helps you establish your corporate identity and improve your B2B inbound marketing and lead generation through search engine optimization.

To embark on a journey to exceed your growth goals, visit  

  1. Purple Sales

Purple Sales is a hybrid marketing and sales agency providing services in the United States, Canada, and Europe to generate rapid growth. They are a fast-paced company dedicated to growth, working with B2B tech companies to increase their pipeline value or revenue significantly. Their services include market validation, appointment setting, SDR team, and sales outsourcing. 

To avail of services from a one-stop shop for B2B appointment setting and sales services, visit  

  1. Lead Gen Department

Lead Gen Department is a B2B lead generation service that drives results and helps you spend more time talking to prospects and closing new businesses. They bring the right opportunities into your sales teams’ calendars and grow your pipeline by managing research, campaign creation, outbound sales, and inbox management. 

Lead Gen Department provides B2B appointment setting and leads research services. To know more about their services, visit  

  1. 1 At Bat Media

1 At Bat Media is a full-service digital growth agency based in Toronto that serves a diverse client base with worldwide reach. Their digital marketing services increase revenue through their full-funnel, full-service approach that optimizes your buyer’s digital journey and increases performance. They provide digital solutions that promote commerce and stimulate growth, from the first advertisement they encounter to the customized email they receive.

For full-service digital growth solutions, visit their website at  

  1. Roketto 

Roketto is a full-funnel inbound marketing agency that helps ambitious brands achieve their growth goals. They are passionate about helping great brands succeed and believe in transparency around the results of marketing efforts. Their services include inbound marketing that provides full-funnel marketing strategies, website design, AdWords, marketing investment, SEO, and content marketing. 

To take the first step towards sustainable growth, visit their website at  

  1. Upearance

Upearance grows sales through advertising, email marketing, and influencer marketing. They are an ROI and performance-driven marketing and advertising agency that consistently turns every dollar of ad spend into profitable sales. In addition, they help scale your sales from social media, get better returns for your PPC,​ and generate sales from emails. 

Upearance is a marketing formula for rapid testing, scaling, and budget maximization. To avail of their service, visit  

  1. One 10 Media

One 10 Media runs paid social, email, and SMS campaigns for DTC eCommerce brands. Their paid media service works on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Pinterest while navigating the changes to provide scalable ad campaigns. Their automated e-mail marketing offers a personalized journey to clients using your first-party data. Finally, their SMS strategies combine effective personalization with the promptness of text messages. 

To reach out and schedule a discovery call with One 10 Media, visit their website at  

Email marketing is a powerful tool that helps small businesses generate leads, convert potential customers, and increase their customer base. In addition, email marketing is a preferred option for small businesses to improve sales cost-effectively. 

The email marketing tool offers a wide range of advantages, like building customer loyalty, expanding the reach of the business, engaging with various audiences, and generating powerful results. To avail of all these benefits of email marketing, small businesses should integrate email marketing into their operations and get the best return on investment.
Email marketing solutions offer small businesses a variety of opportunities for business growth. To read more on these topics, subscribe to Indigenous SME Business Magazine. For the latest updates, visit our Twitter page at @IndigenousSme.

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